How To Add More Email Subscribers To Your List

Email MarketingHow To Add More Email Subscribers To Your List

Try to implement some of these tips into your strategy and watch your email list grow with new subscribers that you can market to and convert into revenue for your business.

1. Offer a newsletter.

In order to collect email addresses you need to offer something of value that warrants a website visitor handing over his or her email address. A newsletter is a great way to build your list and the key is to be consistent. If you constantly deliver your newsletter on time and when you originally promised it you will not only retain a much higher percentage of your subscribers but they will also become accustomed to receiving it and begin to look forward to it. This type of anticipation creates a higher rate of interaction. A great newsletter will drive more traffic back to your website, resulting in more comments, more social sharing and longer site sessions per visit.

2. Host a webinar.

If a webinar makes sense for your business, then require attendees to preregister, and also state that by preregistering they are also joining your email list. If you happen to follow the advice in the tip above and create a newsletter make sure you mention that they will also receive your company’s newsletter. This is an additional benefit for registering for the webinar that will ultimately help you pull in more webinar viewers. You can host a live webinar or you can prerecord one and allow your registrants to select a time that is convenient for them to watch it. There are several webinar management applications that make the entire process, from registration to playback, very easy to manage.

3. Share interesting information on social media.

If you have engaging social media profiles you are going to naturally attract social media traffic back to your website. If you have opt in offers that include giveaways or newsletters then you are going to see some of that social traffic take advantage of them and join your list. Engage with your social audience. If they ask questions respond. If they share your content thank them. This will often turn them into even bigger supporters of your brand and lead to more organic social exposure.

4. Announce a contest.

A giveaway or content is a great way to increase your email subscribers if you simply make one of the contest requirements subscribing to your email list. As simple as it sounds, your audience is going to join as long as the end offer is very appealing. Present a contest that is so appealing and offers something of true value and there won’t be any hesitation when you ask them to join.

5. Include opt in forms at the end of your blog content.

If you are constantly publishing new content that ranks organically in the search results you will have highly qualified traffic visiting your website around the clock. You need to put your email list offer directly in front of these visitors, and one of the best converting locations is directly after the content. If your blog post was engaging and if the visitor feels like he or she received value from the piece they are going to want to join your list to continue to correspond with your brand. Make sure that the form clearly identifies the offer quickly, as you will only have mere seconds to capture that subscriber.

6. Offer a free gift.

Have you noticed that a lot of websites offer a free eBook download in exchange for an email address? They do this because it works. Now, with so many websites using this approach to collect emails you need to make sure that your offer stands out. Consumers have seen it all and they need to be presented with something that is truly valuable in order to hand over their personal information. Make your offer unique. Don’t copy industry trends and other offers. Make sure that yours stands out and is something different.

7. Gate premium content.

Another great way to gather email addresses is by creating a piece of premium content and only showing a preview of it to your visitors, requiring them to email their email in order to unlock it. Definitive guides and case studies often perform very well for this strategy. You can also use podcasts and exclusive interviews with industry thought leaders. Make sure it is something that your target audience will want to access.

8. Reply to comments on your blog.

Comments can be a royal pain to moderate, but with a little work and spam prevention plugins it can be manageable. If someone leaves a comment that means they are interested in what you are offering. If you reply to their comment they will see that you care about their opinion and be more likely to continue to engage with your business. Even if someone just leaves a statement and doesn’t ask a direct question still thank them for the comment. Show appreciation for everyone that takes even a second to interact with your content.

9. Offer “subscriber only” benefits.

Several e-commerce websites will offer their email subscribers special money saving coupons and send out special offers to their list. If you are going to offer perks like this make sure to make them very clear. Often times offering a 10% off coupon will pull in a very high subscribe rate when targeting first time visitors.

10. Promote your list on social media.

If you have been building a social audience for a long time there is a good chance that a large percentage of your social followers have not visited your website in some time. Present your social followers with your offer, whether it is a free eBook download, a newsletter subscription or whatever else you are using to entice visitors to join your list. Not only will you pick up some new subscribers but you will often get these people interested in your brand again.

11. Use an exit popup.

An exit popup is a great way to convert abandoning traffic that is more than likely to never return to your website. Some people say that they are intrusive, but not if they only popup when someone is leaving. If someone is surfing on your website and it just pops in the middle of them doing something then yes, it could turn that person off and cause them to leave. If it only pops when they are leaving then you don’t risk pushing them away. They were already leaving and anyone in this category that you can convert into a subscriber is a bonus.

12. Do co-branded promotions.

Teaming up with another industry company can help you grow your list quickly because your promotion will get placed in front of their audience as well. When done right, both sides can increase their list and introduce their brand to a new audience. Co-branded pieces of content are very popular and when shared socially then can produce exceptional results. Team up with industry friends and vendor partners to help each other grow online.

13. Promote your list in your email signature.

Think of how many emails you send every single day and then think of how many people interact with your emails on a given day. If every single person that read your emails was introduced to your offers don’t you think you would pick up some new subscribers? Place an offer to join your list at the end of your email signature along with a direct call-to-action. A simple and direct “make sure to subscribe for updates” can add a steady flow of new members just by sending emails.

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