Princess Daisy Goes Out To Hire a Social Media Agency

Finding a Niche marketPrincess Daisy Goes Out To Hire a Social Media Agency

A video game series is prone to receiving a great deal of popularity and this usually means that characters are going to attain a great amount of attention. Mario is very much the same in that regard and there are a number of personalities who do not seem to have said attention placed on them.

Princess Daisy is one of them but that shouldn’t be, as she is one of the long-standing people in that particular universe. I could see her deciding that hiring a social media agency is best.

Princess Daisy’s start seemed to come from the original Game Boy title referred to as “Super Mario Land,” where she was very much a damsel in distress.

In time, though, she became a much more fleshed out character, especially when compared to Peach. The latter was much more of your typical female lead to rescue but Daisy seemed reluctant to ever accept such a role.

She was more so about a tomboy-like personality and her personality was much more bombastic in comparison, to boot.

If you’re going to ask about what Daisy’s major roles were, she didn’t have many. It seemed like after “Super Mario Land” was done, she fell off of the face of the gaming world until the influx of Mario sports titles began to come in.

It was in these games that she possessed a greater sense of personality but we know that there’s more to this character than just cheering loudly or being a sore loser. I think that this is where some helpful marketing can come into play.

I think that if Daisy goes to the length of hiring a social media agency, she’s going to have to approach it with an idea or two in mind. First of all, she has to showcase why she isn’t just a typical princess, despite the fact that she wears a puffy dress, tiara, and all.

She’s the kind of lady who would much rather greet you with a high five after meeting her as opposed to a shy glance. This is just one quality that agencies like fishbat may want to advertise.

It’s apparent that Daisy can be featured in a big name but she should not be a damsel. She has to be utilized in one of two ways: as the main hero of a game or someone to partner alongside the hero to help him or her along.

Who’s to say that she couldn’t be paired off with supposed romantic interest in Luigi like Mario has with Peach for so long? Daisy can become a bigger name and I believe that hiring a social media agency will be the action to facilitate it.

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