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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland normally known as UK or Great Britain is an independent state which is situated just off the north western coast of Europe. It is an Island country which contains northeastern part of Ireland, various small islands and Great Britain. UK is surrounded by The Republic of Ireland, The North Sea, The English Channel, The Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea.

So, here are some holiday cottages which provide comfortable and pleasurable stay to the visitors.

1. Dovecotes Holiday Cottage This attractive holiday home is located in the serene South Devon valley. Nearby you can indulge in the historic Slapton village, stunning beaches, the seaside towns of Salcombe and Dartmouth and good costal walks. The cottage has well furnished rooms, a large dining room, a modern kitchen, chair, coffee tables, a color television, a radio and a cozy sofa set. The cottage is connected with the Buddleia’s garden from where you can enjoy the some great views of the orchard and surrounding valley.

2. The Honeysuckle Cottages Honeysuckle is a single storey cottage, located near the pond and the valley. The cottage rooms are fully furnished and have slated floors and a wood burner with glass doors. Some of the facilities that you can find within the cottage include coffee tables, DVD and CD player, a cozy sofa, books and magazines, and cottage chairs. This cottage is most appropriate for nature lovers, because from here you can experience sparkling views of the valley and pond, during your free time you can also indulge in many adventurous activities.

3. Cranmer Country Cottages Home Farm Cranmer is the place where you can find the best holiday cottages of UK. The place is perfect for bird watching and other leisure activities. This place also has some of the greatest nature reserves of the country. The Cranmer Country Cottages offer comfortable and pleasant lodging to the guests, daily nature walks are prearranged with the local ornithologist for the amusement of the guests.

4. Willows Cottages The Willows cottage has a large attractive garden and a well maintained pond within the grounds. The cottage is very well constructed and has well ornamented rooms with slate floor, a fireplace with electric fire, coffee table, cottage chairs, a color TV and a DVD player. Each room has a separate kitchen with a dining area, a dishwasher and a refrigerator. So, come to this place in order to spend a relaxing vacation.

These are some of the most pleasing cottages located in UK, which provide comfortable and pleasant stay to all the visitors who come here.

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