Here’s How You Can Learn Spanish Quickly – It’s Not Hard!

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Here are some helpful hints to facilitate the process of learning Spanish. While you’ll still need to have a good textbook, classroom instruction or online course, these steps can speed along the process of mastering the Spanish language.


Watch English-language movies with the Spanish subtitles on. You’ll slowly absorb the Spanish words and their meaning while watching your favorite films! This is an inexpensive and fun multi-media technique.

Kids’ Books

Reading children’s books is Spanish is another great way to learn the language. These caneither be very simple books or ones which you are already familiar with in English – consider picking up a Spanish translation of a favored book; when you already know the book, figuring out the meaning of the Spanish words will be far easier.


Watching TV shows in Spanish can help you to learn the language quickly. Telenovelas (similar to soap operas) are great for hearing Spanish spoken clearly and with good diction.

Comic Strips

Spanish language comic strips online and in newspapers make a great source, too. They expose you to idioms you might not see in a textbook, and they’re relatively easy to understand.

3×5 Cards

These are flash cards, but not the usual pre-packaged type. Instead, carry these cards and write down new words that you encounter throughout the day. Find out what they mean and add them to your existing flash cards or other learning methods. This is also great for phrases you run into frequently.

Remember High School?

Many people already took some Spanish in school or a related language. You can draw upon this basis to help you learn Spanish fluently. If you have some background in French or Italian, you’ll have a leg up on grammar, word order and conjugation. However, keep in mind that pronunciation will differ – but this experience will be valuable as you learn the Spanish language.

Talk With Native Speakers

If you happen to live in a city with a large Spanish speaking population, it will be easy to find native speakers to converse with. There is nothing better than practicing with a native speaker to build your language skills. Even if you don’t have native speakers in your area to talk with, you can practice with members of a local Spanish club or even students learning the language.

Practice Every Day

Daily practice will quickly help to build your Spanish language skills. The more you work on your skills, the quicker and easier you will master Spanish. Mix up your study routine to keep things interesting.

These tips will give you a great headstart in speaking Spanish quickly. Be sure that you choose a self-study Spanish course that uses a wide variety of teaching methods and that has a proven track record. The biggest reason people give up on learning a language is because the learning material they use is dry, routine and uses dated teaching methods. Nowadays there are some incredible courses that use techniques that are fun, interactive and proven to help you learn the language much faster than traditional methods.

Have fun and let us know if you have any questions!

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