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If you have dry skin, you should take the necessary steps to correct the situation. If you let this condition linger, you could cause serious damage to your skin.

The primary reasons for dry skin are: living in a dry climate, sudden hormonal changes, excessive exfoliation and the treatment of other skin problems. In some cases, dry skin may be inherited; however there is a solution to this problem.

It is common knowledge that the care of dry skin begins with using moisturizers. The majority of moisturizers are classified into two areas, based upon how they treat dry skin.

One type of classification of moisturizers is those that attempt to preserve the moisture that is already contained within the skin. Moisturizers of this type are usually very cheap and can be easily purchased at local drug stores or even at supermarkets.

Another type of skin moisturizer works by taking moisture from the air and adding it to your skin. This skin care treatment has been known to work wonders for those living in areas that are very high in humidity.

These types of moisturizers that offer dry skin care protection using this method are also known as humectants. The most effective humectants are those that are as grease free as possible. A combination of ingredients such as urea, glycerin, propylene glycol and hyaluronic acid are common elements found inside of better humectants.

Extra care and consideration should be had when using moisturizers to combat dry skin. The basic procedure to follow is the completely clean the surface of your skin before spreading the moisturizing product on the affected area.

Applying moisturizer to your skin while it is still damp will increase the effectiveness of your dry skin product. When it comes to moisturizing your arms, face and neck, be sure to avoid heavy soap products, as they tend to accelerate the process of drying out your skin. Light exfoliation can be beneficial for those with dry skin as it removes the coarse, dead skin cells that add to over all dryness.

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