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Drawing is a kind of talents. Similar to other talents like dancing and playing sports, you need lots of practices in order to perform well. If you take a drawing class, the teacher would probably teach you the basics like how to make use of colors, but it really depends on you to master the rest.

Drawing is similar to other skills, it requires patience and practice. However, drawing comes naturally, other skills must work at it. There are some tips in below teaching you how to draw:

1. Start with a pencil if drawing is not a familiar thing to you. This way, if you make a mistake, you can simply erase it and you do not have to start from the beginning again.

2. Practice with simple things first. Stick figures would serve as good starting points for beginners.

3. Try to use different shapes to develop more physical drawings. Just like you can draw circles for head, hands and feet, while drawing ovals as the body, arms and legs. After that, you can just erase some areas to connect all other shapes, then add some details on it, like fingers, eyes or hair etc.

4. Imitate images to develop your drawing instincts. After numerous of attempts, you will know more about the different dimensions in a drawing.

5. How to start practicing sketching? You can look for something still so you will be easier to observe it well and have a better sketch. No matter how your drawing is different from the stuff you are modeling, it still be alright. It’s because with more practice in your future, your sketching skills will be improved. Moreover, for sketching, it is important to pay more close attention to the details, it will help your drawing be closer to the object.

In order to further improve your drawing skills, taking art classes can equip you will more fundamental principles. Getting more and more practice and experience, you will be able to master the art of drawing. Thus, you may ask a teacher to assist you in choosing right materials. Last but not the least, to be succeed in drawing, you must like it! Otherwise, if you don’t have any interest or passion for it, you will never be a great drawer.

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