Happy New Year

Let me start by wishing you a very happy new year. And, despite what you read in the news, (or maybe even because of it) … this year will present more opportunities than ever before to those of an entrepreneurial bent – and I for one am looking forward to really getting ‘stuck in’.


If I were to knock on your door and ask you what you’ve been doing to make this year better than last year – what response would I get? … that you had been working hard … researching, testing, and getting ready to go … but overall, probably doing exactly the same as you did last year…

And, if you continue to do exactly what you did last year, you will almost certainly get exactly what you got last year … and I have to ask you – would you be happy with that?

If you got nowhere near what you wanted from your online endeavours, you might agree that what held you back was not lack of opportunities or willingness, but a lack of resources to really make the most of what you had.

I experienced the same problem a few years back … don’t get me wrong, I was earning a decent amount then, but felt like my business was running me, and if I could just get my thinking right, there was so much more that I could get out of myself, personally as well as financially…

As it turned out, ‘getting my thinking right’ was what led to me increasing my income more than tenfold in just a couple of years … and I can promise you that making similar changes in your life will make a greater impact on your earnings than any ‘buy me now’ internet product with one of those ‘shouty’ videos about how they made $10,000 in their first three weeks online…

Here is a simple plan ANYONE can follow and get at least 312 new things accomplished by the end of the year…

1) Don’t attempt to do too much at once.

2) Plan to complete just one task per day.

3) Plan to work just one hour per day.

4) If the task will take longer than one hour break it into multiple tasks.

5) Complete your one task per day.

6) If  you feel like working more or completing more than one task, then do so.

7) BUT, you must complete your one task for the day.

8) Take one day off per week.

Do that and you can’t help but be more successful this year.

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