Happier After A Smoking Cessation

Family stubs out fags for good. Ref: m.gmgrd.co.uk

Family stubs out fags for good. Ref: m.gmgrd.co.uk

Smokers have more fun. This is a common accepted fact, which recently have been busted as a myth by British scientists. More than 70% of the 879 ex-smokers who were interviewed in the survey, answered that they were happier as ex-smokers.

Out of the 879 ex-smokers, who took part in the survey, almost 70% felt that they were happiers after they had quit smoking. Less than 4% were less happy and about 26% felt no change in their mood.

The result is obvious: it is difficult to find ex-smokers who are sorry they quit smoking, while it is pretty easy to find the opposite: many smokers regret that they started to begin with.

It is a widespread myth, that if you quit smoking you will lose some life quality in return of a prolonged life. But for those smokers that fight through the withdrawal symptoms, the reward is actually two fold: sure, their life is prolonged, but they also feel free of dependence, feel more confident, have a lot more energy and receives recognition from their surrounding for their accomplishment. Ex-smokers are winners.

Focus on life quality rather than health

Shift the focus from all the harmful consequences of smoking to all the positive benefits of being a non-smoker is far more efficient, when trying to motivate people. It is not fear and pointing fingers that motivates people.

Instead, we are developing new methods in which we dont to focus on diseases and health, but rather on the improved life quality, which freedom from smoke brings. The methods were developed from experiments with advice on smoking cessation for cancer patients. They were excited, partly because they felt that with a smoking cessation they themselves made a difference. Rather than being part of the problem, they were now part of the solution instead.

Better in time

The increased satisfaction is more pronounced, the longer the time that has passed since they stopped smoking. But even with ex-smokers, where the smoking stop was quite new, it was still the majority who feel happier now. Younger ex-smokers was more excited after their cessation than older people. However it did not matter whether they were heavy smokers or only smoked a few cigarettes a day.

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