Great Ideas for Finding Cheap Beads

I know people who make and sell a lot of their own jewelry but they are barely breaking even because they are spending a lot of money on materials and not pricing their jewelry correctly. To make beautiful bead jewelry you don’t have to spend a lot of money on your beads and beading supplies.

But you don’t have to just buy the clearance beads that are offered up at your local bead store. There are lots of unexpected places you can go to buy discount beads.

Discount and warehouse stores: There are lot of chain discount stores that now sell bead jewelry making supplies and beads. Certain stores carry seasonal beads, while some stores just have a regular stock of them available at all times. Either way, these stores will sometimes offer quality brand-named beads at a price that can’t be beat!

Large chain craft stores: A lot of our chain craft stores have closed down recently, but there is one about an hour away from me that I recently visited and I was amazed at the large selection of beads and jewelry supplies and I was even more surprised at how affordable most of it was. A year ago they only had about one store aisle designated to jewelry making, but now they had three and a half aisles of beading supplies, jewelry supplies and even beading books that they didn’t have before.

Home Improvement stores: Yes, I know this sounds crazy, but if you’re looking to add some fun and unique pieces to your jewelry then you really have to think about going to a home improvement store and looking over their sections of fasteners, screws and even grommets. You just need to have some creativity to create some truly unique and amazingly affordable pieces of jewelry.

It’s amazing what sort of beads and jewelry supplies you can find when you’re thinking outside the box. Some of these stores aren’t the kind of place you’d normally go to find jewelry supplies, but I’ve learned to be open-minded when it comes to finding great ways of making jewelry.

So keep an eye out the next time you’re shopping for soap or picking up some light bulbs at the store: you might just be moments away from discovering some great beads or supplies that can be used in the next piece of jewelry you make!

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