Great Chance To See Pandas In Beijing

Super Kungfu Panda lovers, how could you leave Beijing without seeing real pandas!

Every day, keen visitors from around the world pack the Beijing Zoo for a look at this cute and precious animal regarded as Chinas national treasure.

The zoo was opened in 1908, just a few years before the Qing dynasty ended. It was Chinas first zoo ever. It now houses a collection of 500 species with over 6,000 animals. There are rare species such as golden monkeys, Siberian tigers, precious birds, and of course, giant pandas <>

The panda is truly the zoos big star!

You will agree the only thing that is cuter than a panda is a panda playing with another panda! One bearhugs the other, and the two roll around like a big meat ball. You just cant stop laughing when seeing their clumsy Kungfu moves. Sometimes you simply start wondering if these pandas were on their beach vacation, for their amusing eye circles remind you of sunglasses!

Pandas in the Beijing Zoo do know Kungfu, and their favorite sport? Climbing tree! When the weather is hot, they will climb up a high tree, and find themselves a shady spot for a nap.

Pandas are now vegetarians, and their favorite food is a special Jianzhu bamboo found only in Chinas Sichuan province, where most of Chinas pandas come from. However, pandas were carnivores a million years ago, and they preyed on unsuspecting smaller animals. The reason for this change is still unknown to zoologists.

In the zoo, panda lovers can donate money for the protection of pandas in China. Pandas are very precious, and less than 1,500 live today. China regards this rare species its national treasure because pandas started to appear on earth several million years ago, and very few other species from that time survive to this day. Thus pandas are considered a living fossil and are an extremely rare animal that needs to be protected. That is probably why the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) chooses the panda as its symbol.

China is the only country to find a panda, and on certain occasions, the Chinese government gives a panda to a foreign country as a symbol of friendship. So feel lucky for yourself if youve ever seen a panda in San Diego or Berlin.[I:]

Here in the Beijing Panda House, you are free to take photos, but remember pandas are shy, and dont let your flash scare them away.

Also, you will find great panda gifts to bring back home and thrill your folks. A baby panda toy sells around 60 RMB (less than $10), a panda T-shirt goes about 70 RMB, and a key chain with an adorable panda image will run you only 10 RMB

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