Google’s Filters: How You Should Deal With It

A few years ago, search engine optimization or SEO is all about identifying target keywords and then using them in content generation. Unfortunately, this led to an explosion of site spams: those sites that carry the keywords that online visitors use, but hardly contain the information that the users need. To address this issue, Google took bold steps in classifying and indexing websites. These steps are called the Panda and the Penguin.

SEO Singapore And Google Upgrades

In 2011, Google launched a big algorithmic development which it called the Panda. This change sanctioned websites that do keyword stuffing, publish poor or duplicate content, and carry out other intolerable SEO techniques. Google’s Panda shook the rankings of thousands of sites on the web and compelled website owners to reconsider the quality of their website design and content.

A year after the Panda was introduced, Google made another search result adjustment through the Penguin. This time, Google wanted to sanction more websites that explicitly rely on tricking, manipulative, and irresponsible optimization. Concerned with this new big change, site owners around the world are working hard reorienting their SEO activities to secure their results rankings.

Responsible SEO Singapore

Google stressed that the English-language websites would be the target of the Penguin, so website owners should make the necessary correction in their SEO strategies. Web pages should be removed of duplicate information, have their keyword-stuffed content revised, and be removed of irrelevant links to other sites. The objective of the Panda and the Penguin is for website owners to focus their energies on making content that inform, educate, or entertain visitors without sounding like a machine. Google advises website owners to just rely on white hat SEO-those acceptable, honest, and functional optimization strategies that benefit both online users and search engines.

Sites with correct titles, tags, descriptions, links, and web design are guaranteed to make the user experience convenient and satisfying. They are also friendly to search engines since web spiders find them easier to crawl, identify, and index. To remain on top of Google’s results, website owners should highly consider modifying their SEO Singapore campaigns.


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