Getting ready for 2020

Look at the list below of ten things which the we think may be obsolete by the year 2020.

See whether you agree…

1.   Wrist Watches
2.   Paperbacks
3.   Traditional Homework
4.   Newspapers
5.   Car Keys
6.   College Backpacks
7.   DVDs
8.   Instruction Manuals
9.   Corked Wine
10. Offline Voting

Needless to say, most of this is due to technological advances, but I  don’t think it’s  sensible to consider that in isolation. For example, people haven’t needed wrist watches for quite some time, but they don’t just wear them to tell the time.

A Kindle does everything a paperback will do (and more) but it would be dangerous to discount the emotional attachment people have with paper and ink and the tactile qualities.

Screw tops may well do a better job than corks in wine, but the prestige associated with cork sealed wine isn’t going to disappear so quickly.

It’s interesting and useful to think about these things though, and it would certainly be worth your while analysing when and why such products and services are likely to become obsolete.

There may be some value in planning ahead for this.

In the future you may corner the market in one or more of these things if everyone else has given up offering them.

Also consider placing yourself in the ‘Prime’ position when and if the market for some of these start to boom.

There’s no use bleating “I new this would happen one day” when your in no position to take advantage of that day.

The history of the world (especially the modern world) is full of people who were in the right place and time and took advantage becoming mega rich in the process.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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