Funky Animal Ringtones For Your iPhone

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If you’re fond of quirky things, then chances are that you will love to surprise people with some really interesting ringtones. In fact, these are guaranteed to make people turn around and look at you, or just plain sit up and take notice. While ringtones may have acquired a gimmicky feel to them because of the simply innumerable options available, it lies upon the user as to how they will carry it off.

If uniqueness in sound and something different is what you like, then you will love these ringtones with different animal sounds in them. What’s even better is that you can keep different ringtones for the different people calling you. So if you have someone’s call that you don’t want to answer, you know it’s that person without even lifting up your phone for a glance. You can set the ringtone of the buzzing of a mosquito for an annoying caller and the next time you get a call from them, you’ll know what you can do!

There are also some sweet sounds, like that of a birdie trilling away. Set these ringtones for someone really sweet and when they call you up, you will pick up the phone with a smile on your face! Isn’t that a nice thought? How about something really funny? Try the chicken rap, which is sure to make you double up laughing! Chicken sounds combined with a hip chicken rapping his heart away will make your friends laugh again and again. On the same wavelength is the chicken diva ringtone which will again cause another round of laughter whenever it is heard!

How would you like to annoy someone? Set the catfight ringtone on your iPhone and watch the alarming results yourself. It’s got a realistic take on how cats fight and it’s sure to raise hackles.

If the 1992 hit by Right Said Fred called ‘I’m too sexy’ was too cute for you, then why not put it on your iPhone as a ringtone? You could do that but it would be different, because it will be sung my chipmunks; if that doesn’t fancy your taste then how about a goat bleating ringtone?

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