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If you have ever wondered what it is like to be clairvoyant, chances are that you most likely are, if this thought crossed your mind now and again. Every individual has episodes where they dream about something happening before it does. Then again, maybe you have experienced bad feelings about something and you turn out to be correct. Those little episodes of dj vu are another example of being clairvoyant.

Many people learn to develop their senses of clairvoyance before they are able to know and feel certain things. You can develop your sense of clairvoyance as well, with a little practice.

However, first you need to understand the you do have these natural inborn powers, everyone does. For instance, think about all those times when you knew something before it even happened. Consider how many times this has happened for you and then realize that these are natural free powers, which is the reason for the title of this article being free clairvoyance.

In order to enhance your clairvoyant abilities, you must learn more about the subject. Simply knowing a little bit more about exactly what it is and how you can divert your energies toward making it a more prominent part of your personality is really all it takes.

Remember, if you do not use it you will lose it, this saying applies to clairvoyance as well. As you focus on its development more intensely, it is easier to tune into your spiritual self as well as enable you to pick up on events much easier than not.

Some think that you must be psychic to have clairvoyant powers or the ability to develop them, others think that it is some power of evil or associated with witchcraft and other things. On the contrary, clairvoyance is a natural power that everyone has to some degree or another; however, many people learn to restrain their powers because of outside influences.

While you were a child you may have known about the various feelings and senses that you noticed come true later. Children are innocent and full of positive energy and are highly receptive to their powers of clairvoyance. Many children get talked out of their ability and their belief of their power by well meaning but very unknowledgeable parents and other elders, which is sad for so many of us.

Chances are that you too, have been shutting out your clairvoyant abilities. The good news is that not all is lost. Once you have further developed them, you will be able to make better decisions based on not only logic and reason, but what you are feeling inside and the messages you are receiving from the outside universe as well.

Highly clairvoyant people enjoy lives filled with joyful light. However, you must remove negativity from your life when you want to enhance your natural abilities. Everyone experiences negativity, however by learning to shut it out and turning to something positive is essential.

This will also aid you in shielding yourself from negative thoughts that creep into your mind to disturb your inner sense of peace. Consider your life right now, is it filled with confusion and turmoil? You can learn to focus your energies toward clearing away all the things that clutter your life and then find the peace of mind and mental clarity that you deserve.

Clairvoyance offers us the chance to return to real happiness and live in a world where no negativity can bring us down. If offers us the gift of sight, feeling, and harmony. This is ‘free clairvoyance’ because you do not need to pay someone else to interpret the messages you receive. All of us already have this power, we just need to learn how to use it!

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