Flip Flops Go Beyond the Ordinary: Reef Sandals

Reef Sandals. Ref: reef-sandals-online.com

Reef Sandals. Ref: reef-sandals-online.com

I definitely consider myself a flip flop person. I wear them year round because they are my most comfortable shoes. Reef is one of my favorites for a lot of different reasons. They are truly at the forefront of the competition because of their innovated designs and styles. They also make sure for the whole family. You can buy them in girls, boys, men, and women sizes.

Ive been instructed by some to not wear flip flops because it has no arch support for your feet. But I was excited to find out that Reef sandals are made with perfect arch support in every sandal. These sandals are made from EVA foam and allows the foam to feel almost made for your foot and from day one has a comfortable almost already warn type of feel. My personal favorite is the Fanning Reef sandal. This line actually makes it feel as if you are walking on air due to having an airbag enclosed in polyurethane.

Have you ever been at the beach, camping, or the lake and reached for your favorite bottled beverage only to find you had forgotten to bring along bottle opener? If you are wearing Reef sandals from the BYOB, Mick Spackler, or Fanning lines, fear not. The sole has a recessed church key bottle opener, so you can enjoy your favorite soda anywhere.

If you hate always carrying around your keys or wallet like I do, you will love the Reef Stash. The sole actually opens up to store credit cards, money, keys, or anything else you can fit into them. This idea is perfect for the beach. You dont want your wallet laying around for anyone to snatch when you enjoying the water.

Golfers will love the Reef Mulligan, characterized by a footbed that looks like artificial green turf and heel cushion that looks like a golf ball; includes removable tee and ball marker integrated into shoe. The more serious golfer may appreciate the Reef Mick Spackler sandal which boasts a full grain leather upper, removable integrated ball marker, built in Church key bottle opener, and sole with replaceable spikes, ideal for the course.

For those who hate to give up their summer footwear for cooler seasons, the Chewy mens Reef sandal and Snowbird womens Reef sandal offer a padded faux shearling lining to keep feet toasty year round. Worn indoors or out, these cozy styles are sure to be a hit.

For those of you that love your eco friendly products, Reef also carries sandals that are sure to make you happy. When you go out to buy your flip flops, remember all the options that Reef has for you. They have the needs and wants of every customer taking care of.

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