Flexkom is coming

I have a franchise license with a very powerful international company who is about to spread throughout the UK (and Europe) this year.

Holding this license allows me to make over £89k per month quite easily, but I need a certain number of people in certain areas to become heads of that area and to be in charge of a few local shops or stores in that area too.

If you are able to become a part of my management team, you will also start to earn around £25k-£30k per month.

This is not just ‘ifs’ or ‘maybes’. This is a fact already proven in other parts of Europe (Turkey since 2010 for instance).

This is how much you will receive from the company when we have just a few shops in your area.

In fact, there are 3 ways in which you can make money but the easiest and quickest is to be in charge of a few shops.

If you have just one shop, you stand to make around £4000 per month, for life, but that’s not enough in this business.

The license I hold allows me to make unlimited amounts and so I want to make use of that and I also want you to make full use of that too.

The company is very big and very serious. This is the company that we would be working with and who will pay us daily, directly into our bank accounts.

They don’t deal with problematic payment processors like Paypal, STP, Payza etc…

The company is not launching a new cream or supermarket product into Europe. That would be small fry. This company is about to change the way our High Street’s work.

It is BIG, very BIG.

This is why you and I will make big money with this franchise license.

You know that Tesco has a ‘Clubcard’ and Sainsbury’s has ‘Nectar’ and Boots has the ‘Boots Advantage’ card. These cards allow the holder to get points and remain loyal to that store.

Well, this company is introducing a card (called a Flexcard) which will be introduced in all small businesses across the country.

Each small business owner will make a killing from it and customers who go to those shops will make huge savings.

These customers can visit any small business in the country and get a discount on their purchases.

Do you see how big this is going to be?

It will change the country for good.

I am on the ground floor with this business because I will be setting this system up and I need a few people to help me (and you) make an absolute killing now, while the time is right.

Now is the time, NOW!

Later will be too late because there won’t be any positions to fill later. They will be closed after a certain quota has been met by the company.

The system kicks off this summer, but for now, I’m looking for people to work with me so everything is ready.

My team and I WILL be making a killing and I would like to have you on board if you can see yourself controlling an area and some people.

Can you see yourself working with a business like this?

Would you like me to explain this in more detail? www.flexkom.tintota.com/partner.htm

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