First Time Tea Drinkers Need To Understand Why Green Tea Is Superior

The very same tea plant generates both green tea and black tea. Despite that the colors are different; both of them are generated from a plant known as camellia sinensis.

Tea is identified as one of the most healthy beverages and both black and green teas are good for health. How are they similar and even more important which of the two has more health rewards than the other tea?

Considering tea is a drink, we will assess the two from a taste point of view. Which beverage is tastier is a personal preference; nevertheless green tea possesses more of a bitter flavor compared to black tea. Black tea possesses a richer flavor compared to green tea. For this reason, a lot of new drinkers have a preference for black tea over green tea. Still knowing that tea is a nourishing drink, taste is simply not the main concern.

Even before tasting the drink, color distinguishes the two teas. The colors differ because of the tea processing. Both teas go through similar processing except for the oxidation process. Green tea’s first dehydrating operation is a quick process of panning or steaming which diminishes oxidation. However, black tea goes through an extensive oxidation procedure which requires to 3 hours. This procedure is the main reason why the color is darker and flavor is richer. Precisely what does that signify in terms of benefits?

Leaves of camellia sinensis are naturally green identical to just about any other plant. With regards to food, one that is more processed often loses more of its organic ingredients. The exact same reasoning also applies to tea leaf. Maintaining the color green signifies it will have a lot more of the natural element, catechin.

Catechins are the active element contained in the tea leaves. They are responsible for health benefits such as bad cholesterol, cancer prevention, heart disease and weight loss. Research studies have shown that a full cup of green tea contains 8 times more catechins than black tea. Theoretically, you would need to consume 8 more glasses of black tea than green tea to gain the equivalent amount of positive effects.

Numerous lab examinations have been conducted on the benefits related to black tea. Some scientific tests have been successful against diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. This highlights the recovery effectiveness of camellia sinensis. No matter what kind of operation it applies, the tea leaves will still be good for human body. Yet it makes sense to take in the tea that contains more of the active element. So why not begin including green tea to your diet plan.

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