Finding And Re-Publishing Public Domain Information Online


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If you love the idea of publishing information as a business model but you don’t want to or can’t create your own book or manual…what do you do?

There are books, courses, manuals and music and other creative works whose copyrights expire almost every day. These are all ‘products’ that are FREE for the taking, if you only knew how to find them and how to re-publish them!

There are thousands of works to choose from in thousands of categories and since almost no one knows this kind of opportunity even exists.

The vast treasure of public domain information is growing daily and a very tiny, minuscule percentage of the business public even know that they can be used without permission, without cost and without royalties or fees or how to go about documenting that they are in the public domain to protect themselves.

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Securing the rights to public domain information will cost you nothing- they are 100% free to use! It may cost you a few dollars to ‘buy’ a used book or course you find in a used book store, but those costs are really minimal.

It is absolutely the easiest way to start or expand an existing business with such low risk and such high profits ever in history! Your product is ‘free’ and when you sell it you keep 100% of the profits. If you ever see a better opportunity, please let me know!

This is a massive opportunity that has been created with the recent copyright expiration of thousands of books, music, movies and other ‘works’ that have passed into the public domain in just the last few months and years, so the time to act is now!

Here are the main things you need to learn in order to profit from Public Domain material…

  1. How to create ‘instant’ businesses you can profit from in less than 24 hours with little-known free sources of public domain works!
  2. Where to easily find works in the public domain- some of which may be in your own home library, in your neighborhood or at your local used book store!
  3. How to re-package public domain info for the highest profits!
  4. What one document you must have when re-publishing public domain info to protect yourself from legal problems!
  5. How to perform a copyright search to determine if the work you want to re-publish is in the public domain!
  6. The surest marketing methods for converting your public domain information into a salable product that will generate cash profits for years to come!
  7. Where to find public domain information and other creative works online, for free!
  8. Where to find public domain works you can re-publish right in your area using classified ads!
  9. How to tell, with a quick look, if a work is in the public domain or not!
  10. Ways you can re-package public domain information!
  11. Where to find services and products that will get your public domain re-publishing business off the ground fast!

The only way to finally convince yourself that this is a good opportunity for you is to get Expired: Profiting From Public Domain Information
Discover the incredibly low-risk and extremely profitable world of creating businesses from scratch using recently expired copyrighted works that are now in the public domain!

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