Facundo is a stray tabby cat I adopted two years ago

I used to have a home. But, one day, in the way of cats, I wandered into the square in the centre of our city. I’d become what is known as a stray. I had run away from my home and couldn’t find my way back. Or was it that I didn’t want to find my way back? It’s not important now, so we’ll forget all about it.

As I am a cat, and I like to be on my own, I started living outside the cafĂ© which was situated in one corner of the square. There, I became very famous because everyone liked having me around. I enjoyed this attention, of course, but even though I apparently had several admirers, I didn’t have one real owner.

Many kind people liked to pat me, and one of them brought me a meal every day. The waiters and the man who sells magazines and newspapers became my admirers too.

Then, one day, I noticed someone who seemed different in some way. She was asking questions about me. I could not hear exactly what she said but I clearly remember my initial feelings. I had been getting tired of my lonely life. Of course, as a cat, I love freedom, but living alone on the street wasn’t very nice any more. It was dangerous and no one really cared about me.

I felt terrified when one of the waiters grabbed me, and I was carried to a new place. She was there! It was a bright apartment and there were lots of things all over the place for me to investigate. There were vases which I could knock from the table, and many brushes and other things for me to interfere with.

I realized I was in her studio. She was a painter!

I started to investigate the place thoroughly, and quickly decided it was a nice safe place to stay. She stood still and simply ignored me, clearly letting me find my way round this new environment, for which I was very grateful, for no self-respecting cat likes it when someone forces himself on it. I walked warily around her and she continued to stand quite still so that I could go to her in my own time. I liked her because I felt she understood my feline nature. I also felt a lot of gratitude for her kindness and tenderness.

Next day, she arrived silently and started to paint. Now, that was too much for me! I couldn’t stand such indifference, so I jumped on her lap and hugged her. She looked at me and I could immediately see that she was deeply moved.

I now needed to give her proof of my love so I gently caressed her cheek with my paw. This caused a teardrop to slide down her cheek.

She started calling me Facundo, which means talkative. I liked that, because I like to express myself eloquently sometimes.

Later, on thinking about this incident, I decided that this was the most perfect day in my life so far. Not only has she become my owner and provider, but my dearest friend as well.

I now am able to show my feelings for her all the time. All because she noticed me that day when I was a stray.

– Patricia Barbado

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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