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Did you know that Facebook has over 800 million users? It’s one of the largest sources of traffic out there and you would be hitting your head against the wall if you fail to tap into this huge source of traffic.

Remember, Facebook is one of the largest sources of traffic online and is fast surpassing Google in terms of target users.

Facebook has the ability to target highly specific demographics and  can grow your traffic virally through its news feed. This guide will reveal to you the secret strategies and tools to tap into the power of Facebook and build a massive online presence for your online business.

Just want to give you the heads up that I’ve just released a new Facebook Marketing Superguide for massive traffic and profits.

If you don’t want to be left behind by your competition, you owe it to yourself to have a look at these turn-key Facebook marketing secrets.

I’m going to show you can draw traffic from Facebook to your website with ease.

If you already own a business, you can start a Facebook Fan Page for your business and ask your followers to “Like” your page. You can either bribe them with a gift or ask a favour for them to “like” you.

When someone “likes” your fan page, it appears on their Facebook news feed and all their friends will see that they have “liked” your page. Their friends would then be curious to see what the page is about and check out your page.

If they like what they see, they will like it as well and the more “likes” you get, the more people will see your site exponentially.

Once you have a huge following on your Fanpage, you can post stuff of interest and encourage them to visit your website.

The possibilities are endless.


How to Use Fan Pages To Effectively Market Your Business

Fan pages is one of the features of Facebook that allows Local Businesses, organizations, artists and local figures to create a separate Facebook page for fans to connect and get the latest updates, information and news from the page.

This useful social media marketing tool has taken to internet marketing world by storm and many internet marketers are trying to tap into the power of social media to grow their businesses.

Add a complete description of your business. Include relevant photos of your logo, your business establishment, and add in contact details of your business, whether offline or online – The whole shebang.

Next up, start adding friends or invite your existing customers and prospects to become a fan of your page by “liking” your Facebook fan page. Once you have successfully built a large fan base, you must engage your customers by posting information of value on the “wall” of the page.

You can also ask questions or survey your fans to find out what is on their mind in regards to your business – It’s free market survey essentially! From there you can use their input to innovate new products or come up with exciting ideas to grow your business further.

You can also use Facebook Ads to draw targeted traffic to your Facebook Fan Page. Remember, the goal is to get them to “like” your Fan page, so the more “Likes” your page get, the more exposure it has and this can further create a viral flow of traffic.

All in all, you’ll have to constantly update your Fan page and keep your fans in the know of the latest happenings in your business and also encourage them to participate in events, competitions and other quirky activities related to your business.

5 Tips For Using Facebook To Draw Traffic

Facebook Fan Pages can be a very useful tool for drawing massive traffic to your websites, Facebook page or blog. Fan pages are better than profile pages because of the ability to have “Fans” which will constantly be updated on their feeds by whatever you post on your Fan page.

The way to draw massive traffic through a Fan page is by getting your Fans to interact with the content you post on your Fan page. Here’s a few techniques for making that happen:

-Ask questions. One way is by simply asking questions of those who ‘like’ us on Facebook. Every day or two we pose a simple question that asks readers either for their opinion, to share an experience that they’ve had, to tell us something about the stuff they are interested in and so forth.

-Highlight important updates. The benefit of highlighting what’s happening on your Facebook page is it boosts the numbers of responses to the questions that you ask. Also, people who just joined the page can get into the latest updates on the site.

-Start a landing page. Just like how the usual landing page or opt in page works on your website, you can include one on your fanpage and encourage people to “like” the page so that they can get a free download to a free gift. This can help you to build your subscriber list fast and send them back to the Fan page for more updates.

-Advertise on Facebook. Advertise on Facebook and draw passive traffic into your Fan pages (preferably send them to your landing page). The more “Likes” you get, the more your business will get exposure on the newsfeeds of the fans and the more traffic you will get.

-Provide lots of useful content and send them to your blog. Use the Facebook Fan page as an “outpost” for your fans to get updates on latest blog posts or news on your website and encourage them to visit your website.

How To Find Prospects Using Facebook

Facebook can be a great place to find new prospects for any business, online or offline. There are two ways to draw traffic on Facebook, and both revolve around one another.

The first way is through Facebook advertising. Facebook allows you to post your text ads (with photo) and advertise them to fixed demographics of your choice. You pay Facebook based on the competitiveness of the keywords in your ad.

You can send people to your Facebook fan page (usually the cheaper option) or you could send them to external websites such as landing pages. Now I’m going to talk a little about the second method to finding new prospects – using the Facebook Fan Page.

A Facebook Fan page is a page which can be used by local businesses to connect with their fans and customers. This is done by them “Liking” your fan page. Whenever someone “Likes” your fan page, it will appear on their personal Facebook news feed which makes all of his friends see that particular update which is him liking your page.

What happens next is more and more people will see the Fan page as your page grows in likes and this brings in traffic exponentially. Getting your fans involved on your page by having promotions or updating the “wall” would also cause their interactions to appear on their news feed, thus making more and more people see your website.

So what is the best way in getting new leads? Combine both methods. Send Facebook paid traffic to your fan page and get them involved in your activities and watch your community grow. You’ll soon be swimming in a pool of new prospects. You can then convert these prospects into loyal new customers for your business.

How To Grow Your Business Virally Using Facebook

Facebook has taken the world by storm, becoming the number one activity on the internet surpassing email (2010 statistic) and being the 3rd largest in population if it were a country.

What does this mean? This means that the potential for growing your business virally is astounding.  Facebook is a social networking website so that means people can share things they like (such as businesses) with ease.

So how do you grow your business virally? Well, there’s this thing called Facebook Fan Pages. With Fan pages, local businesses can make local business pages on Facebook and allow their customers or fans to connect with them. This is done by getting them to “like” your page.

On your fan page, you can share all sorts of stuff such as latest news and updates, questions, surveys, contact information, and the best part is you can interact with your customers easily.

The viral magic comes in when your fans post something on the wall of the Fan page, or just the simple act of “liking” your page will allow their updates to appear on their personal news feeds.

When their friends see it, they would go and check it out as well and if they like the stuff, they can become fans too. When more and more fans “like” your page, your business exposure starts to increase exponentially.

Furthermore, since the whole thing is happening on Facebook, people can share stuff easily and thus, making your business grow virally with ease. Remember, in the end of the day, good stuff gets shared easily so focus on building your business brand to make people more likely to share your stuff. Tap into the power of viral marketing to grow your business presence online today!

How To Use Facebook For Branding Purposes

Whether you’re a high flying millionaire, an artist, a community person or a leader, Facebook offers a very useful platform for branding yourself among your audience. This platform is none other than the function called Facebook Fan pages.

If you scour Facebook you’ll pretty much bump into all sorts of Facebook fan pages catered to artists, local businesses and organisations. Here’s how you can start up your own Fan page for branding purposes:

Starting a Facebook Fan Page is free of charge. Simply scroll to the bottom of Facebook and select “Create A Page”. Once you’ve set up a page, enter in all the details pertaining to yourself or the figure you wish to brand. Make sure it is congruent yourself as not to confuse others. If you have a local business, set up a local business page and put in stuff such as contact information, maps, or post photos of your business logo.

Once you’ve set up your page, kindly invite your fans and existing customers to join you there. From there you can post updates, share interesting news or talk about your daily life if you wish to share it with your fans and followers.

Get them to interact with you and know you at a more personal level. Get existing customers to post testimonials or reviews of products of you have. These will serve as amazing social proof for others who wish to buy your products.

You can also organise competitions to create hype and get your followers involved. Get the news out to your followers using your Fan page and you’ll be swimming with new leads in no time.

Remember, if you wish to successfully brand yourself, you’ll have to connect with your followers at a personal level and show that you too, are like them.

Stay tuned for more Facebook marketing tips!

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