Experiment with your Garden Decor

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If the British, or the French, or the Italians like gardens, so do we; here, in the United States. We’re not obsessed with them and we don’t usually gossip about who has the best gardens, but we know how to maintain our gardens.

Though we don’t value these green places for the tea parties that we hold in them and though we do like a good, wide, and lush lawn for those barbecues that we love to have; there’s plenty to do to get a pretty garden. Now, there’s something that we sure do know how to do. We sure know how to make things pretty.

If your garden falls under the category of being small to modest in size; there are still a good number of things that you can do to make it more appealing. Why don’t you try to place it in a different light? You can do so with the help of garden decor. There’s absolutely no harm in trying and it comes with lots of fun.

Start making your decorative arrangement out of some stones with flat surfaces. You’re going to paint creatively on the faces of the stones. To paint on them, you can have a variety of themes. Here’s one theme with some design steps that you can follow.

For this one, you’ll not be making use of just one stone, but plenty of them. Now, take one of them and start painting stripes on it: black and yellow like a bee’s stripes. When you’ve painted on the stone’s entire surface, get another one and start painting these stripes on it, too. Don’t stop painting until you’ve painted on all the stones you need to make them look like a bumblebee, when they’re placed side by side, altogether. Then line the stones up on your garden, in a semi-circular form and arrange them from right to left.

You can have as many arrangements of bumblebee designed garden decor stones as you like. These painted stones should be used to improve a garden, not a lawn or yard! You’ll need either acrylic or spray paint for this project. You have to apply varnish on top of the stones, when you’re through. This way, they don’t get ruined by rain.

Your stone decor arrangement can be patterned from this design or you can choose one from the seemingly endless list of choices out there. You can choose a pattern of flowers, or marble colored swirls, curvy waves or even polka dots.

Here’s another suggestion. If you’d like your garden decor stones to be extraordinary stand outs, then turn them into conversational pieces. Go to a shop that does photo transfers. Ask their technical staff to transfer prints of your favorite paintings by famous artists, from their computers to your flat stones. Don’t like paintings? You can choose your favorites from your picture albums and have these transferred, or pictures of famous personalities; anything that you’d like just as long as it follows a theme of your choice. You can even go without a specific theme.

This kind of garden decor stones are a little pricey and go a bit over budget, but adding more style and beauty, to any part of your home, is always an investment worth making. Give your neighbors something new to rave about; start keeping your garden in style, today.

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