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Culture has usually been defined by literature since time immemorial. Over, the years, literature has evolved and it now comes in different genres like dystopia and utopia.

Dystopian novels come in form of speculative fiction or science fiction and are usually based on an imagined future world.

Today, Dystopia books have become a fascinating genre with many writers. These writers explore society in general including social and political structures. Most of them depict a nightmare world and a society characterized by oppression, poverty and squalor. The authors then go ahead to explore the reasons why things are the way they are.

This literature presents a destructive vision of the future using satirical irony. The governments do not really care about the safety and well-being of the citizens. The citizens are alienated and they lack individualism, freedom, justice and happiness. The governments focus on extortion and complete control of their people in order to maintain power.

Religious symbols plus concepts could also be attacked. Families could be eradicated and they may be continuously prevented from reestablishing themselves as social structures. The concepts of mother and father can be removed by reproducing children artificially. Kids can also be organized to spy on their parents, disobey and disrespect them.

The common economic theme is one where the government plans the economy or corporatist plus fascist elements controlling the economy. In this scenario, decision making plus policy making is done by large, unaccountable, privately owned companies instead of the government. Such systems usually reek of bribery, manipulation plus inefficiency.

Dystopian novels are popular with all types of readers as they are very exciting. In addition, many people can identify with the contents in one way or the other. By reading them, one is made aware of the constricted nature of his standards and values and may find himself questioning the status quo.

There are a variety of genres of popular literature out there today, like spy fiction and detective stories, but dystopian novels have been gaining many followers as of late. One of the newest series in the genre is “Save the Pearls”, a trilogy by American writer Victoria Foyt. A work of science fiction, it’s the adventures of a teenage girl that needs to locate her love or else she will be sent into exile.

Omar Radovich

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