Every Wheel or Motor or Machine has a Hub

Every Wheel or Motor or Machine has a Hub.

It’s always been said, ‘the real profits are NOT in your list, but in your relationship with the people on your list’… your clients or customers.

Rent or borrow a list of names, and you’re not likely to get the same response as a ‘home grown’ list of the same size … why?

Because when you grow your own list one customer at a time you’re building trust and credibility, as they’re getting to know you … the same way you do with any friendship, whether social or business.

But even so … firstly you need a list of people to develop a relationship with … and preferably a big list….!

So how do you ‘home grow’ one that will contain people that will be willing to buy from you, and make you money? Well it all starts with a ‘hub’…
…and you need to feed your hub with as many different sources of potential customers as you possibly can…

So what is the hub for growing your own list of relationships? … The squeeze page. A one page website that enables a visitor to enter their name and e-mail details, usually in exchange for a free ‘information’ – something on a subject that your ‘ready-to-sign-up’ customer is itching to read, and hence happy to exchange their contact details for.

It stands to reason that the more visitors to your site – that like what they see (and want the ‘freebie information product’) – the greater the number of people that will be happy to pop in their e-mail details…

Of course there are literally dozens of things that you can use to send traffic to your site. Many, such as Google Ad campaigns, require an upfront investment… But don’t discount the free methods too.

It’s quite feasible you could be to be driving traffic to your site by this time tomorrow, and be seeing cash landing in your bank account within just a handful of days after that.

Some free traffic driving methods you should consider include ‘real-time promotion’ via Twitter, Forum Marketing and Article Marketing…

If all this sounds a bit alien to you, don’t worry, it’s not as weird as it sounds … and after all it’s not compulsory to do them all immediately… But they’re free, so worth a go if you’re trying to grow your list!

I’ll confess, I’m not a fan of ‘Tweeting’ on Twitter, but I do have a number of students who have managed to secure well over a thousand new subscribers from a standing start in only a few months, so there must be something in it… ‘Tweet’ a call of action to visit your hub (or promotional offer), and you have effectively made a free, real-time advertisement to all the people that receive your Twitter updates. It’s incredibly easy to do, takes literally seconds, and is completely free. (That’s one method, if it doesn’t take your fancy, fine… there are others).

Perhaps you’d prefer to become a regular contributor on a popular, niche-related forum … once you’ve provided advice on there, helped others, and built your credibility, the moment you suggest people take a look at the link to your hub (or promotional offer) you’ll struggle to hold people back from taking a look. And once again it’s not cost you anything apart from a little bit of time – and you may well have learnt a bit from the forums along the way too.

If you fancy yourself as an avid writer (or don’t (!) and use an ‘elancer’ instead (see www.elance.com), perhaps you’ll enjoy article marketing… Post your related article on a highly ranked article site such as www.ezinearticles.com with your hub link at the bottom, and before you know it people will be clicking on your link, and signing up … and your ‘home grown’ list will continue to grow!

I’ve mentioned just a few ideas here for free traffic generation to your hub to capture name and e-mail addresses, but there are plenty more ways. Blogging comes to mind, as well as the paid for services such as EBay Ad Commerce, Google Ads… and of course the other approaches you can adopt once your list gets to a reasonable size such as ‘content’ swapping with other people with similar sized lists (e.g. you refer your buyers to another person’s list, and in turn they refer their buyers to your list)… I could go on…

… But rather than worry about all the different methods available, just start with one approach that takes your fancy and once you have it established and drawing in traffic, start on another approach, and just repeat this until you have multiple different streams ‘home growing’ your list … and remember… you can do this without ever spending a single penny … so what are you waiting for?

If you want to increase the size of your list, pick an approach and get started!

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