Enjoy The 40th Anniversary of Glastonbury 2010


Glastonbury. Ref: mychemicaltoilet.com

Glastonbury is a festival where many people visit from all over the world each year to get together and camp out under the stars after seeing many famous artists perform. Each year it gets bigger and better and Glastonbury 2010 is no different, it is going to be the biggest and best festival so far.

Extra celebrations this year for Glastonbury as it is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Something that has been going for that long has got to be good! There are rumours all around the media that the band Pulp will be reuniting especially for this event, giving a live performance in an atmosphere that cannot be beaten anywhere else.

Not only does the festival show many bands that have made it to the top of the charts and into your CD collection, you will also find up and coming bands that have not been signed yet. Imagine being there, seeing them at their first big performance, the place they were discovered. See the raw talent before the TV appearances and have the honour of becoming one of their first fans.

The popularity of the festival has meant that as soon as the tickets went on sale, within hours they were gone, and people even camped outside the places they were being sold to be among the first to hold this privilege. Some people who unfortunately are unable to make next years festivities have had to cancel but that is good news for those who have not yet got their tickets as they will be on sale again at the start of 2010.

If you have ever been to a festival before you have never been to one as big and as varied as Glastonbury. They not only have one lot of entertainment, there are stages all around the location all with different kinds of music and other artists such as comedians and famous people giving talks on their lives and up and coming books, so even if the stage nearest to you is not your thing, you just have to walk down a little further and see what the next one has to offer.

The stage that is the most popular is called the pyramid stage. The reason for this is that this is the one where the people who have made their name and fame perform along with the unsigned act that wins the opportunity to play on this well known stage. Definitely venture to the other attractions though, as you do not want to like others, leave it till the last day and feel you have not enjoyed the festival in its entirety.

The festival is all about getting together with like minded people and enjoying yourself, people of all ages meet new people here and have friendships that continue even after the festival has ended.

If you do not want to be at one with nature and want to visit but don’t want to camp out there are many other accommodation options, however you should make sure that you pre book as this is one of the busiest times of year so you will find that the places go pretty quick, just like the festival tickets.

If you are a film buff you definitely need to go and see the film tent. There are films all day long and into the evening that will entertain the most fussiest of people of all ages. The morning is usually the time when the viewing is for young kids, and of course the big kid in all of us and some of the showings are in 3D so you can get right in on the action without even moving.

Going to festivals is always a fun experience. If you do not know this, going to festivals in other countries is much more enjoyable, so you will want to make sure that you are at Glastonbury 2010, so check out the Glastonbury Lineup.

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