Time For Engaging Twilight Party Games

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This fall the sequel to the blockbuster Twilight will be in Theaters. Fans everywhere are counting the days and minutes ’til New Moon comes to theaters. There still over three weeks until its release. So how can fans pass the time? They can do by having a Twilight themed party. One thing that can make your Twilight/New Moon party a success is the entertainment and games. A great game will help to make a party more fun and get everyone into the spirit of the party. It will also be imaginative and incorporate important details from the theme. Here are some great suggestions you can use at your event.

First have New Moon or Twilight Jeopardy. Test guest’s fandom with question concerning the Twilight Series, the actors in the movie, and any other related bits of trivia. You can actually play the Jeopardy game as either an individual or in teams. Otherwise the rules remain the same. You create a game board with categories and points and everyone has to phrase answers in the form of a question. The person or team that wins could get collectible Twilight Items.

A fun idea for a Halloween party game is to have Twilight bobbing for apples. Give each guest gets a set of fake fangs and has to “sink their teeth” into the apples to get them. Make it more fun by setting a time limit. The person who has the most apples wins.

Another great idea is to have a game of who said what. Have you or someone else at the party read key lines from either the Twilight or New Moon novels. Then have guests guess which character said the line or phrase. This is a great way for Twilight fans to show off their knowledge and read some of their favorite part in the novels.

Vampires have an extraordinary sense of smell so the next game should be appropriate for your party and quite interesting. Get a collection of items with smells that your guests should be able to recognize. It can be anything from perfume, to food, or everyday household items. Make sure that no one can see the items. Blindfold each participant and have them guess what item they smell. You can make it more interesting by adding some more difficult scents in the mix. You can give bonus points to participant who can identify them.

There are also some great board games you can buy at your local bookstore or Wal-Mart. You can purchase Twilight Themed DVD games, Monopoly, or other games and have a game night. Of course make sure to have everyone play the short time version of these games. You want everyone to have the chance to enjoy the rest of the party.

Another idea is to have costume contest. Have guests and couples dress as key characters from the Twilight series. Then give great door prizes to the people with the best costumes. You can also have look-a-like contests. Give special awards to individuals who look most like the characters from the Twilight movies.

There are many other great ideas that you can use for party games. Just use your knowledge of the movie and the books combined with your imagination to come up with fun and original games that will help to add excitement to your party.

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