email to Brian “Don’t Mind Me” by perry estelle

Hi Brian

Thankyou for your valuable comments. You see I am a bit of a heretic in my views toward all that was once thought sacred. I speculate dogmatically and all with  gusto and quite fruitlessly as a butterfly brushing a steel ball the size of the sun to wear it away! Yet this I believe is the power of the mind. The subconscious is no servant to the conscious. Logic has no room for instinct, as a Lioness eats her own young or a preying mantis mates and dies, our neurosis will rule over our perception of what we mistakenly regard as fact. That side of the brain which is completely out of control and chooses our true destiny. The power of the mind is too awesome for us to begin to imagine or comprehend. (I will desist from saying ‘in my opinion’ or  I believe throughout this passage as I will have to print it a lot so forgive me if I write in a presuming way, ok?)

In answer to your question about the mind I thought about the metaphysics of my theory and can simply describe it as auto suggestion so strong it can be ‘banked’ in another dimension of which we have absolutely no control whatsoever. The same reason we see some start itching or yawning it makes us mimic the behaviour involuntarily. The part of the brain that helped death camp survivors endure or other men to reach the North pole. It is what drove that lone yachtswoman recently. It is not the body or the brain that produces miracles. It is not experience or intelligence. It is not adrenalin, fear or vanity that built the bridge over Kwai. Neither is it confidence or stubbornness that won wars or earned fortunes. It is one thing and one thing only and I am grasping the nettle here. It is ‘animal magnetism’, quite literally.

Let me explain. The whole world is governed by magnetic fields. The weather system, the production of electricity, nuclear power even c.b radio. Look every where whether it is an electric toothbrush to a 747 engine turbine, energy and power are derived from magnetism. In immense proportions the supernovas of the galaxy system have stars born and die specifically under the scientific principles of magnetic force or gravity as we know it. Together with atmospheric pressure we experience different frequencies that we can sometimes harness. Our heart pumping is to do with the magnetic elements within our neurological system . Sadly even this response on paper from me is just one of many millions of transmitted messages to my brain and other parts of the body due with magnetic responses. This demands very special conditions and is deeply sophisticated. In a very clumsy way we are able to harness external qualities to do with this relatively newly discovered phenomena.

I believe the mind is no stranger to magnetism. This force is not blind . As we control wattage, ohms, wave lengths and frequency our minds or rather the content of our subconscious mind is ‘modulated’ and transmitted to another dimension. The ‘giant transmitter’ or Sandy Heath of the cosmos so to speak is a merely a database supercharged with different energies magnetic, kinaesthetic, telepathic, and psychic that is channelled to a ‘brain drain’ (sorry for tired cliché) An awesome computer of organised spiritual intelligence from the span of humanity and other civilisations. A hologram video library of mental thought transference concentrated in one place harnessing the power of a billion sub-consciousness’. A giant pool of human intellect and cognitive perception.  An ocean of subliminal intuition.  A configuration of all the data assimilated of human knowledge and experience. A sensory emporium or theme park.

You know that internet advert on telly with a gigantic stadium of the world population with the fishmonger guy and the pregnant ‘overwhelmed’ woman? Well, that sort of scenario but with quite literally a ‘meeting of minds’. Bear in mind the mind is not of the material world, it is disembodied. It is totally spiritual, it takes no shape or form. The only difference is that it is ‘imprisoned’ or harnessed and only manifests its power with occasional static or magnetic interference. That is why we have the host of paranormal or unexplained events on earth. Dejavu, e.s.p. out of body experiences and poltergeists etc. It is only those who are ‘the transistor type’ who end up as good receivers (or human ‘ariels’, if you like) that see these paranormal events. How else would young children, the handicapped (the most susceptible to this phenomena) of the same see such things.

Do schizophrenics hear voices in their head because of mental illness or because of magnetic interference from the spirit world? Mesmer (French scientist and hypnotist)in the seventeen hundreds proved that through suggestion you could interfere with the normal thought processes by probing the unconscious mind with his pupils becoming ‘mesmorised’. This spurred on a French bloke called Charcot to prove scientifically to ‘split the brain’ through hypnosis, using this psychological technique in holistic healing. Freud was actually a pupil of Charcot and completely missed the point of his mentors research later on banging on about that everything to do with life has something to do with sex.

Is this ‘braindrain’ functional? I believe it is like the honey in the hive brought by the worker bees (humanity past and present) of those dead and alive that fill jars of energy. Energygiving life for regeneration purposes. A recycling of human energy that is discharged magnetically for purposes pertaining to life on earth. We are not in charge of our minds. It has many ‘drivers’ for many different tasks and journeys of which we do not comprehend. It has to do with communication and regeneration. Enlightenment and mystery is also in the whole ball of wax. Where is God in all this? The human mind is the God within us all and vastly underestimated. It is more omnipotent than any power known to man. It is host to our existence, our destiny our survival.

What does it have to do with the material world? The human mind collectively is what caused us to be. It is eternal. Because it is inherited as a whole and in part from a network of minds from throughout all dimensions in space and time. Just like you dial website number and our crude computers find it in seconds. Each individual mind from the numerous throughout all of our history and that of other civilisations in the ancient past and present share this ‘spiritual information highway’.

My theory has many facets to it and I will share more ‘evidence’ if that’s what I like to call it next time. In a nutshell this is the perception.

Lets imagine a giant database in a spiritual dimension so vast it is entire. It has been formed like the solar system with order and symmetry. It is omnipotent and transmits energy to us via a superior intelligence spawned by itself and other civilisations universally. It effects our material existence in many ways not discovered yet. It is a thinking positive force for the ultimate survival of our species.

Illustration: Computers work by transmission and magnetic fields, it is the closest thing to the ruler of our universe yet microscopic in comparison.

The monitor is the world perceived. The material world.

The harddrive is the fund of human thought or the spiritual mind co-existing with our physical world.

The programmer is the intelligence of neighbouring superior civilisations of which there are quite ethically thousands.

The power source is supernatural energy among other elements such as matter and anti-matter dark and light energy. Spiritual charge and vibration.

The cd rom is man’s ‘drive to survive’ or his present subconscious. An inherent and widely misunderstood powerful human/spiritual phenomenon.

Files and documents are all the human memory banks spanning hundreds of generations.

Email is man’s need to communicate all this data.

Internet is spiritual awareness and consciousness.

Downloading is realisation and understanding.

Scanning is mans self assessment or human conscience

Virus scan is mans need to survive.

Hacking is the work of paranormal activity. A static manifestation that is an overload of magnetic fields. Hey, we once thought that thunder and lightning was God’s wrath now we know it is just an overload of static.

Of course our spiritual existence is not denoted by a blind force as I said before. That is not possible. But as we can organise matter so our ancestors have organised our physical and spiritual lives side by side. Dead or alive. We literally do not have a mind of our own. We have our data but ultimately we are to ignorant to know how to use it. World or environmental threat is living proof that left to our own devices we cannot control our destiny. However our minds in capable hands will, if my theory is correct.

Animal magnetism or spiritual instinct is not blind as gravity is. Gravity does not choose its victims by preference. Evolution is not a thinking force either, it did not create us. Natural selection does not exist because where there is design there must be a designer. Where there is engineering it must be the product of a very intelligent thinking and superior power. No big bang theory ever created a fusion of organic elements to produce the first spark of life, clearly, because it could not it without planning and foresight. The simplest living cell is more complex than the highway and subway system of New York!!

Like wise our ‘creation’ was no accident either. I believe we are so ignorant that if we ever know who created us we will probably kick ourselves!! When we find out where the ‘extra terrestial gift’ came from we will piss ourselves!!

As we speak our knowledge can produce the building blocks of life by the most eminent scientists with the greatest minds in the most advanced labs so why would it be such a surprise if our ancestors put the thought into our heads anyway. I digress. (I hasten to add these scientists can only clone what already has been designed beforehand. They cannot produce even a living blade of grass!) DNA was implanted by super-intellects. Eric Vondaniken was close in his objective in his thesis, but he forgot a vital clue. The mind is what made us. Once again we do not understand what it is that conceive great works of man. Not quite the same inner force that makes us digest food without thinking. Or sleep when needed. Those are physical instincts. The spiritual instincts are far more intense and powerful and like I said underestimated.

A hundred years of progressive research has proof from respectable bodies and eminently recorded events showing that ‘remote viewing’ hypnosis, forkbending to moving objects through kinetic thought, stigmata is strong evidence that cannot be dismissed. This is nothing to do with the occult . Its physics so complex. It’s my guess that such phenomena will be everyday routine in years to come when parapsychology is better explored. Our minds are controlled and manipulated by higher beings to empower us for the better of this planet. We will know soon who created us. More visits and greater wisdom will be imparted. It will seem obvious and unremarkable to our children’s children. We are born infants of civilisations far advanced to our own. We are the product of a precise decision that ensures our regeneration. To self-annihilate will not be allowed to happen. Fifty years from now the sacred secret will be told at the point of our own self destruction. Thus we will be preserved by knowledge because knowledge is power. Power to survive.

I do not hold with any of the above, because I cannot prove it and I have no need for answers necessarily but I believe that rather than agree with some longbearded blokes philosophy or join Lt Hubbards lot deluded by halfbaked quasireligious bunkum I prefer to make it up as I go along and not spoil my surprises. Aristotle and Plato. Pythagoras and Socrates. Freud and Jung all make noises but what they were searching for what was already under their noses. That sounds arrogant but nothing is new. It has always been there its just we have may not discovered it yet. It’s my belief if we were told of the future it may crash the whole system. The technological might at our disposal is so colossal. It is also my belief that such technology exists and is perfected but it is hidden from us by the powerful elite who  have close association with species not of this world…but that’s another subject…Suffice to say that we will not be blinkered or dumbed down as a race for much longer….

Will speak soon


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