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My name is Perry Estelle and this information has helped me and many friends of mine.

Life today can be overwhelming – there’s no denying that! Stress and anxiety can seem to take over our lives and render us helpless. It’s easy to get caught up in all the drama and let those stressors dictate how we live. Believe me, I know!

I personally have dealt with an anxiety disorder that was aggravated and brought on by excessive stress. This illness has debilitated me for years leaving me ill-equipped to deal with even
the smallest problem. That is, until I figured out how to manage my stress and anxiety.

It will be an ongoing struggle for me, but the first step was learning how to cope with stressful situations that could bring on my anxiety. I had to spend a lot of money on doctors and therapists to get those tools that would enable to live a fulfilling life.

The good news is that if you are suffering from anxiety and excessive stress, you won’t have to spend the same amount of money I did just to deal with my daily stress. You can get all the information you need – right here in this amazing book, “Eliminating Stress and Anxiety FromYour Life”!

Unfortunately This Can Affect Everyone

Everyone has stress. It’s a fact of life. How we react to that stress can make a world of difference, though. It can literally make us healthy or unhealthy.

Studies show that stress and anxiety contribute to at least 80 percent of all illnesses that people suffer from today. Over 19 million people are negatively affected by stress related disorders, but they don’t have to be. There are ways that you can make stress disappear or even work FOR you instead of AGAINST you.

Have you ever wondered how in the world you can manage the stress you feel? Wonder no more – we have compiled an amazing amount of information that will allow you to leave the stress behind and begin living a more fulfilling life – stress free!

When you order our book, “Eliminating Stress and Anxiety from Your Life”, you will get a combination of expert advice from psychologists, educators, and people who suffer from excessive stress and anxiety. They can give you many, many tools to make your life easier and let
you know what it’s like to escape from the daily problems that can plague us.

Today, there are millions of people who suffer from too much stress. Stress causes anxiety. Anxiety causes health problems that can be debilitating. There’s absolutely no reason why you have to suffer anymore. We’re giving you the cure!

With This Incredible Book, You Will Learn:

  • The difference between stress and anxiety
  • How to recognize and deal with a panic attack
  • Using visualization to overcome stress
  • Letting music get rid of your anxiety
  • And so much more!

Everyone feels stressed. You can’t get away from it. It’s a fact of life. A by-product of stress is anxiety. This kind of pressure can overtake you and make you feel completely out of control. There is a way out of your bottleneck of stress!

There are all kinds of self-help books out there that can help you deal with stress and anxiety. But most of them are written from a one person perspective. With OUR book, you get a comprehensive guide to dealing with stress, anxiety, and the pressures of life that keep you
from being happy. You’re not just getting one perspective; you’re getting more than 10!


What’s even better is that we’re giving you advice from people, myself
included, who have suffered from anxiety disorders and excessive
stress all their lives. They learned ways to deal with that stress –


Not only will you get information about the stress and anxiety thatcan affect your life, you’ll also get valuable advice and tips on how to combat that stress and take back your life!

We Give You Over 25 Ways To Relax And Live a More Fulfilling Life.

You’ll learn:

  • Self-hypnosis to relax
  • How to tell people “No” when you should
  • How to relax at work
  • Ways to take a break that will renew your spirit

Stress is all around us and will always be a part of our lives. You need to be more resilient and pro-active when coping with your stress in order to be a calmer, happier person. Which is exactly why you need to order this book.

It seems like you hear it all the time from nearly every one you know – “I’m SO stressed out!” Pressures abound in this world today. Those pressures cause stress and anxiety, and often we are ill-equipped to deal with those stressors that trigger anxiety and other feelings that can make us sick. Literally, sick.

The statistics are staggering. One in every eight Americans age 18-54 suffers from an anxiety disorder. This totals over 19 million people! Research conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health has shown that anxiety disorders are the number one mental health problem among American women and are second only to alcohol and drug abuse by men.

Women suffer from anxiety and stress almost twiceas much as men. Anxiety disorders are the most commonmental illness in America, surpassing even depression in numbers. Anxiety is the most common mental health issue facing adults over 65 years of age. Anxiety disorders cost the U.S. $46.6 billion annually. Anxiety sufferers see an average of fivedoctors before being successfully diagnosed.

Unfortunately, stress and anxiety go hand in hand. In fact, one of the major symptoms of stress is anxiety. And stress accounts for 80 percent of all illnesses either directly or indirectly.

In fact, stress is more dangerous than we thought. You’ve probably heard that it can raise your blood pressure, increasing the likelihood of a stroke in the distant future, but recently a health insurance brochure claimed that 90 percent of visits to a primary care physician were stress-related disorders.

Health Psychology magazine reports that chronic stress can interfere with the normal function of the body’s immune system. And studies have proven that stressed individuals have an increased vulnerability to catching an illness and are more susceptible to allergic, autoimmune, or cardiovascular diseases.

Doctors agree that during chronic stress, the functions of the body that are nonessential to survival, such as the digestive and immune systems, shut down. “This is why people get sick,” he says. “There are also many occurrences of psychosomatic illness, an illness with an emotional or psychological side to it.”

Furthermore, stress often prompts people to respond in unhealthy ways such as smoking, drinking alcohol, eating poorly, or becoming physically inactive. This damages the body in addition to the wear and tear of the stress itself.

Stress is a part of daily life. It’s how we react to it that makes all the difference in maintaining our health and well-being. Pressures occur throughout life and those pressures cause stress. You need to realize that you will never completely get rid of stress in your life, but you can learn coping techniques to turn that stress into a healthier situation.

When I first got the assignment to write this book, I immediately thought, “Sure, you can eliminate stress and anxiety by locking yourself into a room and never talking to anyone ever again”. But that wouldn’t make a very informative book, now would it?

I have suffered from anxiety disorders caused by stress for years. I have learned somewhat how to cope with that although I’m always learning new things and dealing mechanisms. So what I’ve done in this book is taken some of my own experiences and combined them with advice from experts to give you tools that will help you in stressful situations.

I’ve also outlined different ways you can face debilitating anxiety and panic attacks that many people suffer from. While researching this book, I’ve come across some amazing information and can’t wait to share it with you. I’ve learned so much myself, so let’s look at how to eliminate stress and anxiety from your life!


We’re living in very trying and difficult times and things don’t seem to be getting any easier. Sometimes life can seem terribly painful and unfair, yet somehow we manage to struggle on, day after day, hoping and praying that things will soon get better.

But day by day the world is becoming a crazier and more uncertain place to live in, not to mention stressful. Nothing seems safe anymore. Millions of people are in record levels of debt. Many are losing their jobs, their homes, their health and sometimes even their sanity. Worry, depression and anxiety seem to have become a way of life for way too many people.

We seem to have entered the Age of Anxiety. In fact, in 2002, the cover of Time magazine proclaimed this loud and clear on one of their covers as the featured story in that issue. The constant stress and uncertainties of living in the 21st century have certainly taken their toll, and as a result many of us seem to live a life of constant fear and worry.

When the terrorist attacks happened on September 11, this constant stress and worry seemed to just be magnified. In fact, many people even now four years later report they are still scared that something of that magnitude could happen again – perhaps closer to them.

Turn on the news or open up a newspaper and we are bombarded with disturbing images and stories. We begin to wonder if we are safe anywhere. In this, the information age, never before have we had so much access to so much data.

The economy is another stressor. Our country is in debt and so are many Americans. Soaring gas prices, outrageous housing costs, even the cost of food has sent many Americans to work in jobs that are unsatisfying and tedious. They work these jobs because they need a paycheck. Today, it’s more important to bring home the bacon rather than work in a dream career.

Having more women in the workplace adds to the stress. So many women feel the need to be everything to everyone and that includes a paycheck earner, house keeper, mom, wife, daughter, and sibling. The only problem with that is some women just don’t make any time for themselves thus contributing to their stress levels being at an all-time high.

Even children can feel the pressure of stress and anxiety. Teenagers who want to go to college find themselves pushing themselves during their studies to try and obtain scholarships so they can attend schools that have ever increasing tuition costs.

They find themselves having to hold down part-time jobs on top of all that to earn money for extras that their parents can no longer afford. Add peer pressure into the mix and you have a veritable pressure cooker!

Cell phones, internet, palm pilots, blackberries, i-pods – we are always on the go and always reachable. We don’t make time to relax and enjoy life any more. Why not? We certainly should!

We feel pressure to do these things because we think we HAVE to, not because we WANT to. All too often, it’s difficult for people to just say “No”. Not saying that one little word piles up un-needed expectations and obligations that make us feel anxious.

All of us will experience situations that may cause us to become stressed or feel anxious. The reasons are too many to note but can include, buying a property, having guests stay over (in-laws!), being bullied, exams, looking after children, managing finances, relationship issues, traveling etc.

Stress is a ‘normal’ function of everyday life. Only when it appears to take over our lives does it then become a problem.

Everyone will have different reasons why a situation causes them pressure. As a rule it’s usually when we don’t feel in control of a situation, then we feel its grip tightening around us causing us to feel worried or ‘stressed’.

If stress is caused by us not feeling in control of a situation, the answer is to try and reverse this, and regain that control. The good news is: YOU CAN!

You have everything inside you that you need to overcome your stress and the accompanying anxiety. The problem is, often we don’t realize that we are in control because we feel so out of control at time. But the tools are there, you just have to use them.

We’re offering you the chance to finally beat stress and anxiety once and for all! Be happy, be healthy, and start by ordering this book right now! Other self help books such as ours can cost you over $50.00, but we’re offering you this one for just $5 Take a peek at the contents of this incredible value stress-busting book that you can just keep or sell to discerning buyers too!

Blocking Behaviours That Keep Your Stress Alive

Stress or Anxiety?

Quiz Time!

Panic Attacks

Dealing with Panic Attacks

Calm Yourself with Visualization

Using Music to Beat Stress

Self-Hypnosis for Stress

Stress Management

More Stress Management

Who Ya Gonna Call? Stress Busters!

Just Say “No”!

Take a Break

Relaxing at Work


Get your personal copy and edit stress out of your life completly editor@tintota.com

Customer Note: What are PLR? (Public Label Rights)

When you buy this book you can, if you choose, copy, give away, or resell it as a full package. A full PLR license is included to authorise you to any of these things with this product:

[YES] Can be edited.

[YES] Can put your name as the author.

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[YES] Can be published offline.


In short, you can do literally anything you want with this product.

Yes, all for $5! So, hurry before this particularly fabulous offer is taken down


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