Effective Ways to Get Your Products Noticed

marketingEffective Ways to Get Your Products Noticed

Each new store and product that enters the marketplace needs to ask how do I get noticed among the clutter? How do I get my product seen?

Tell the right story

People buy ‘why’, not ‘what’. The ‘what’ definitely matters, but the ‘why’ always comes first and is a more powerful motivator. So the question you need to answer with your product marketing is “Why does your product matter to your potential customers?”

What need or aspiration does your product meet? Why did you decide to make or sell it in the first place? Your product story is about why it exists and why it matters. Effective marketing answers these questions by showing people why they need your product.

Another way of looking at this is telling a ‘before’ and ‘after’ story. The before story highlights the need or aspiration of the potential customer ‘before’ they buy. And the after story states the outcome ‘after’ their purchase. Unsuccessful product marketing usually fails to clearly communicate the ‘after’ experience. Here is an example of how we crafted the story for our allergy-free baking book.

Before story
If you have a friend with food allergies you will know how frustrating it can be for them. So that was our before story: A passionate frustration with food allergies and the lack of quality options available.

After story
The solution we offered with our product was a large variety of really good recipes covering the top four food allergies. The ‘after’ experience was happiness and excitement that regardless of these allergies people can enjoy good cakes.

Collect all the brand assets

Once you know the ’why’ and understand who you’re selling to, you have to gather the right brand assets to tell your story. For your client, helping them ‘tool up’ and understand what they need will be really helpful.

Partner with a good photographer that you work really well with. We recommend you work with someone to get exactly what you need to tell the story with the brand story dictating the content of the photos.

Along with the your brand imagery, we recommend giving just as much attention to your copy.
Again, if necessary, partner with a copywriter. A well-crafted story is just as hard to fashion as a stunning photo, and when done correctly, is just as effective. Put the two together and you have a winning combo.

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