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In this age where valuable free time is so precious, where do we find relaxation, peace, or solitude from the busy life of today with all it’s trials and tribulations. People use this time in different ways, but I am sure that many opt for some sort of peace and tranquility.

One way people find their karma is to go into the rural countryside. Here there is so much to be appreciated, for starters, fields, flowers, hills, animals, birds etc. There is beauty surrounding and as a contemporary artist for me this is bliss.

The colors in the country are inspiring, whether in winter or summer. I love the starkness of winter when the trees are stripped bare, the first snows, and of course the pattern that frost make, whether on the window panes, cars, etc.

I, however, favor and cherish the autumn most of all. An artist’s dream, with the conkers hitting the ground, twigs flying down and the whistling sound as the falling leaves gust around. Many leaves torn, but the colors we see at this time are a joy to behold, reds, greens, browns, oranges and golden yellows.

The Irish countryside is very inspiring if you are lucky enough to pay a visit. Particularly around the Dingle area, with the free flowing waterfalls and rugged landscapes of Muckross, all in County Kerry.

Different things capture people’s emotions, personally I am quite happy to stroll along a deserted beach at any time of the year. Observe the birds, watch the sun dappling on the water, or the flow of the tide as it comes in and goes out. Even see children playing, running in and out of the water, building sandcastles, or dogs roaming free off the leash.

One thing is for sure, one of the finest things to encapsulate is the early morning sunrise or the evening sunsets in all their glory. This is beauty at it’s finest. Spring too, is an interesting season, when you see the first buds appearing on trees, hedges and bushes. Snowdrops and delicate Celandines pushing their way up though the ground.

Easter onwards towards May brings the wonderful array of nodding Bluebells which are to be found in abundance in our woods. Then we are into the colorful blaze of summer. At this time the trees are ready to be appreciated.

Flowers are in full bloom creating magical displays which lift our spirits. Hues and patches of delicate tones which warm the soul, to very bright and passionate colors which knock our socks off.

Red skies at night are a shepherd’s delight, or so the saying goes. How fantastic these are with their richness in glorification. The sky itself is a wonderful source to paint, you only need to look at the clouds rolling by above you.

Landscapes are so inspiring and never boring. That is why artist’s love doing them. You are never short of natures subjects, so come on, take your first steps and bite the bullet.

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