Did You Realise That There Are Over 7 Types Of Fake Flowers?

Fake Flowers. Ref: apartmenttherapy.com

Quite mind bending, isnt it? There are over 7 kinds of fake flower that can be used for arrangements, bouquets, craft and any other sort of use that you can think of.

This means that there is more than likely an artificial flower available for every kind of situation that you might wish to use flowwers. Various flowers are made of:









The stem of a fake flower is important to note as well. Often the stem will denote what you can actually do with a fake flower.

Stems can be handwrapped plastic, or plastic covered wire. With plastic covered you can use these flowers in water or dried arrangements alike. Whereas, with the wired handwrapped stem, you can still have the advantage of bending the stem, but it cannot be put in water.

Another benefit of fake flowers is the fact that they come in different styles. There are single stems, sprays, wreaths and other assortments. It is also possible to buy pre-arranged flowers which are ideal for gifts. An arrangement like would be suitable for the person who doesnt have the confidence to make the arrangement themselves or perhaps someone who is away from home quite a bit and would not get the benefit of live flowers.

There are many artificial extras as well, like, wired wreaths, hearts, garlands and the like. Beiing able to arrange flowers on the frames make life easier if you are trying to make specific shapes.

With the range of small flowers (usually silk), they can be used for bouquets, corsages, craft, dressmaking and such like. Little rose flowers are lovely when used to dress up tops. Silk flowers are also very sort after for hat making, especially for fascinators and head pieces. Race day brings out the best in fascinators. Just look at some of the silk flowers used in those stunning fascinators.

Plastic and foam flowers are ideal for outdoor use near pools and in courtyards and BBQ areas. Plastic flowers can be washed down with warm soapy water, with very little harm done to the flower itself.

When you decide to buy some fake flowers, take some time to research which are going to do the best job for you, and which are going to be able to be used for a good period of time. Being able to keep your fake flower for more than a month or two is one of the advantages of using them. Clean them and store them carefully and you will have them for a long time.

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