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A well written CV will increase your chances of being selected for a job interview.

In the current employment market it is imperative to create a CV that would stand out from the rest. A personal profile that would convince the employer that it will be beneficial to meet with you.

Start off your CV with basic information, including your name and your contact details. Make sure that you provide more than one method of contacting you, like mobile number and email address. This will ensure that you do not miss out on any opportunities.

In some cases depending on which industry you specialise in and also the country you reside in, you may also need to put down things like your age, gender and nationality. This is a practice that is swiftly falling out of favor, but it is still occasionally used.

Always remember that all of your information should be up to date.

Composing your CV. Ref:

Just below your contact details, write down something about your career ambitions and goals. It is recommended to keep this part of your CV down to three brief lines.

Following your career objective, write about your academic background and qualifications. Start with your most recent studies and make sure that you write down the name of the institute as well as the dates of course taken.

Work experience should be listed down, starting with the most recent or current role. Make sure that you include the title of the job you held, whether it was full time or part time and how long your employment lasted. List your duties and the responsibilities, using bullets if possible.

Finally, always make sure that you put down contactable work references that your recruiter can contact.

Carefully choose your words when writing a CV, as most software used with the leading job boards, searches the CV database for specific key words from the CV. It is therefore important to include any additional training completed, software used and achievements.

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