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Aside from the acai berry being an unsullied, mouth-watering, organically grown fruit- it is also rich with antioxidants. Antioxidants are nutrients as well as substances that slow the oxidation damage to our body.

When the body’s cells consume oxygen, it creates free radicals (or by-products) that can cause a lot of problems to our body. Antioxidants play an important role in preventing, repairing, and removing the damage done by these toxic by-products. Having a daily supplement of antioxidants is the best way known to protect yourself from these harmful free radicals.

When free radicals are left unchecked, they can wreak all kinds of havoc to our bodies. Free radicals are responsible for the breakdown of our DNA as well as causing cancer. These by-products can invade our cells and cause them to break down or even worse stop functioning all together.

Free radicals have been the factors behind various types of neurological problems to hormonal damage. Acai fruit has been found when taken on a regular basis to contain enough antioxidants to fight off these dangerous by-products.

Studies have revealed for years that when antioxidants are taken as part of a regular diet, the body has the ability to repair, and maintain resistance to free radicals as well future attacks.

Dr. Perricone is the one who introduced the mainstream audience to this amazing fruit by writing a book entitled, the Perricone Promise. In this book he writes that the acai berry is the most perfect food on the planet.

When it comes to a food that will make you look and feel young, Dr. Perricone says that the acai berry has all of the ingredients needed to accomplish this. Also, when looking for a diet that will revitalize your health and slow the aging process Dr. Perricone says look no further than the acai fruit berry.

The acai fruit is known as a super food that contains every nutrient your body needs in fighting harmful free radicals. If your goal is to improve your overall health, as well as strengthen and maintain your body, then you should look further into the numerous benefits of the this amazing fruit.

So, if you are looking for a diet that will provide energetic health, a reduction in aging, and a free radical fighter then look no further than the acai fruit berry.

A group of scientist in Arkansas found that fruits that are dark purplish in color such as the acai berry fruit, could possibly hold the key to preventing obesity.

The scientist concluded through animal studies that the extract of the fruit is more effective than actually eating the fruit when it comes to weight loss.

Dr. Prior who is part of this research team stated that a compound found in these purple fruits known as anthocyanins, prevented obesity when tests were conducted on mice fed a diet high in fat.

Anthocyanins are found in grape skins, blueberries, blackberries, acai berry, and other foods. The mice also had other healthful changes in disease-related substances found in the blood.

The study reports that researchers discovered mice that are fed a high-fat diet for 8 weeks, drinking water, and taking purified anthocyanins from blueberries and the acai berry gained less weight and had lower body fat levels than a control group.

Feeding the whole berry tended to increase the weight in mice. But, when the mice were fed the anthocyanins extract from the berries, it tended to reduce obesity according to the study.

The article “Whole Berries versus Berry Anthocyanins: Interactions with Dietary Fat Levels in the C57BL/6J Mouse Model of Obesity” can be read in full in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

Colorful pigments found in the skin of blueberries, strawberries and other fruits and vegetables may help prevent obesity, according to recent animal studies from the USDA Agricultural Research Service.

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