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Your house is finally spick and span and you sit down and put your feet up for a minute with a nice cup of coffee by the side of you and you pick away at your muffin. You are worn out but it’s that good kind of weariness when you know you’ve done a good day’s work and you have no regrets about it. A feeling of contentment settles about you and you look around you with satisfaction.

A magazine lies in front of you appealingly within reach and you give in and pull it to you, intent on enjoying a well-deserved rest. The main cover story springs out at you, entitled ‘Country Home Decor’. Naturally you flip through eagerly to that very section, you had only just seen an article on some stylish country home decor or turning your house into a small country haven in another magazine and it had interested you.

There is page after page of the magazine filled with what can only be categorized as the most perfect examples of country home decor you can imagine. You gaze longingly at the various styles and furnishings you see gracing the magazine’s pages. A quick look up from your magazine assures you that your own modest home hasn’t changed somehow into one of those lovely country homes you were just looking at.

A sad sigh passes your lips at the disappointment and so you go back to reading your magazine article. You had never realized that you were the type of person who could live with the country home decor style but now upon consideration you think you just might be able to.

Now without your even realising it, you begin marking the pieces that interest you the most, making small mental calculations on how best to achieve the same effect but on the more modest budget that you have to spend. After all, it just wouldn’t do to spring for that lovely Welsh dresser and have to go without your freshly ground whole bean coffee, would it?

However, you could definitely buy that beautiful table runner without a problem. And if you gave all your modern chrome coffee mugs and dinner sets to charity you wouldn’t really be splashing out, would you, since you’ve done your best for charity and donated all these things so unselfishly?

And what about exchanging those jazzy blinds for something that’s a bit more in the country home decor style. And while you’re going about it, perhaps you could even swap that awful lampshade you got as a Christmas gift for something more country.

The only thing that is left for you to do now is to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labours and gaze with beaming pride upon your newly redecorated home. Furnished, naturally enough, in the best country home decor style that you could cull from every source that you found, like that first magazine which spurred it all off way back then.

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