“Cosmic Ordering Expert Stephen Richards Revels How Watching Adverts On Television Can Make You Rich”

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When using Cosmic Ordering, TV is the place where those dreams can become reality…why wait for tomorrow when it can happen today! By using the adverts shown on television you can have your very own tour guide to Cosmic Ordering. You may find your Cosmic Ordering in need of a revamp, what better way to do it than sitting in front of the television. We’ve all experienced it … just as the show on TV reaches a critical stage the adverts come on! What do we do during the commercial break; we get up and use this time to make a swift drink. Hold on a minute, get back to that TV as you are about to discover how these ads can change your life.

Take a look at the people or how the voiceovers look and sound so positive in the ads. Many of these TV adverts depict a utopian lifestyle, the sort of life many would like to have. It’s the sort of world where people have charge over their own providence. Applying this very principle to Cosmic Ordering, where you are in no doubt about what you want, is a real winning ploy. Just imagine you are in one of those adverts when placing your next Cosmic Order. Put yourself across as vibrant and upbeat as you can and you will see results in a big way.

You might be down in your luck, finding it hard to make ends meet on the little income you have coming in. If your life smacks of desperation then look no further than your TV in being able to bail you out of a tight spot. Leave behind worry, just think about the improvements you want in your live, see your standards of living rising like a rocket. Drop any pessimistic thoughts from getting in your way. Do not seek to improve your status just because you think you want a better life … you have to do it because you know you want a better life. When you watch TV adverts you should target the optimistic way they get their point across, use this very same method to lift your emotional state.

Do you watch your best-liked commercials, you know the ones … they feature bright and upbeat characters, usually the ones where they are singing? They can be very contagious in what they are putting across. The funny thing is you can never really recall what they are selling, as you are that much into the positive vibrations being put out by them. You can draw energy from these adverts and feel the powerful vibes in an uplifting way. You can emulate the commanding performance you see in the adverts when you want to amplify your levels to a more positive state of mind.

Don’t be afraid of wishing to improve your lifestyle, what’s wrong in that? Just see how the characters in these TV ads are filled with confidence and va-va-voom. Lift your life to the high standards you desire, take from these adverts at will and use the scenarios to secure the very life you desire. See what contentment really is by taking in and absorbing these free lessons from what some prefer to call TV commercials, and use them in your Cosmic Ordering. In fact you may well become so absorbed in the ads that when the main show returns after the commercial break you might get up and make a drink!

Focus on the TV commercials that are purveying life enhancing or life changing goods, as these are the ones designed to get you interested in them and make your mind race with excitement. However, there are some TV ads to avoid like the plague! The one tugging at your heartstrings with emotional overtones can pull your vibrational levels right down! Stick to the commercials offering you a new life, and you will discover a whole new life in just 30 seconds.

All what you truly require is available, just turn on your TV and tune in to the adverts … and I don’t mean the shopping channel. Some people spend a lifetime trying to access what they desire, yet it’s been staring them in face for years in the guise of the TV advert! When you view a TV ad that is appealing then go into it, live in that moment to experience new things. Now there’s no need to think about your next Cosmic Order, they are ready made for you on TV!

When you watch the ads, zoom in on them in a constructive way and see how they put a point across. This is how you should be placing your Cosmic Order. Perhaps having a pen and paper to jot down some of the things you would like to have in your life may be helpful for when you construct your own order. Feel yourself rocketing into an exuberant mood, then go and place your order to the cosmos!

What should you do if one of those heart wrenching ads catches you unaware? Simple, go into it and use it to show you how your own lifestyle is far better than you actually thought. I am not saying you can use the misfortune of others to your own advantage, what I am saying is that you should give praise for how you are not in such an unfortunate position in life as those in the advert. Always think positively; never allow these ads to pull you down in thought. Remain vibrant.

So the next time the plot in the TV show is ruined by the commercial break, don’t take it as a negative interruption. You can use those adverts to help refocus your thoughts on how you should be addressing the cosmos. You will soon find yourself using the creative part of your mind in helping to manifest your desires.

Now you can construct a very ad-like Cosmic Order in your mind by using the TV commercials and soon you will see your success in life improve. The good thing is it costs you nothing to place your continually running advert with the cosmos!

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