Cool And Fantastic Games For Your iPhone!

iPhone Games

There’s really very little chance for you to get bored when you have a phone like the iPhone in your hand. So what happens when you want to play a game but you’re on your own? There are loads of games in iTunes which are meant for solitary play and although these might not be as fun as group games using the iPhone, they still cut the mustard.

Who Said That?

If you’re a movie buff and you can remember all those famous one liners then this game will be real fun for you. I5t’s fast paced and you have to identify the movie with the dialogue give. You may not know all the movies, that’s for sure and you can now see how good or bad you really are! There’s also a bonus round in the game in which you can select the number of answer you think you will get right.

Analyze Handwriting

Analyzing handwriting has always been a fascinating pastime for many because it’s hard to believe how a few squiggles on paper can actually say so much about your personality. Now you can see how much of it is true by downloading this iPhone app and entering the words or sentences they ask you to with the help of your finger or an appropriate stylus.

Free Letter Bug

With this game, even those who claim to hate word games will have to succumb! This game is great and it even helps you enhance your vocabulary and check your spellings. Layers of alphabets are scattered on the scene, with the topmost layer being the active one, you need to choose from this and make words and also spell them correctly. To scramble the letters you need to shake the screen. And you get more points for speed and long words.

Oh my word!

What a cool game this is! And not half as macabre as some of the hangman games you will find on the iTunes store. This one is far more easy on the eyes, but not easier to play. When you launch this game, you are given two words and a blank one in the middle. You have to guess the words based on the two words given, whether the word that you have to guess comes before or after either of these words. Requires plenty of logic and lateral thinking. Have fun!

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