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Hypnosis is a very effective treatment of stress. According to experts, stress develops when a person feels the task in front of him is greater than the resources he can summon. This imbalance triggers stress. Hypnosis, however, changes this. Through hypnosis, this person can feel that he has all the resources necessary to do the task efficiently.

Dr. Lipton said that up to 90% of diseases are caused by stress. Persistent stress starves vital organs of nutrients and oxygen. This is fine on the odd occasion but when it becomes persistent, diseases are likely.

Things and situations around you are not the cause of your stress. Stress, in fact, develops as a result of how you perceive life situations. Once you are convinced that you cannot cope with a situation, stress develops. After a course of hypnosis, you can change perception, expectation and belief. You now believe that you are capable of coping with any situation. You no longer feel stressed.

After a course of hypnosis, stressful situations are converted to easy to do things and are no longer stressful. The hypnotist has changed your belief and you now know that you can handle all problems as they occur because you have the required resources.

Hypnosis takes you down to a deep relaxed state and to brainwave level theta. At this level, the filters that block unwanted messages from entering the Subconscious Mind, relaxes and the hypnotist is then able to embed positive changes in attitude, belief and expectation.

A treatment that is very effective for stress is meditation. However, for effective improvement, the stressed subject has to relax and clear his or her mind of all intrusive thoughts. This will be very difficult especially if the stress is severe. The better option is to have hypnotherapy to reduce stress first then use meditation as a long term stress treatment.

If you have stress, you know that it is an unpleasant thing. The enjoyment in your life seem to be gone along with your libido. Stress can make you angry, anxious and depressed. You get short tempered and go quickly into rage mood. In addition when stressed, a person makes unnecessary mistakes and becomes less creative.

The most important concern about stress, is that it triggers the fight or flight reaction. This reaction prepares us for action when threatened with danger and shuts off oxygen and nutrients to some important organs while stimulating the heart. Continued stress could, therefore, affect these organs. This is the reason why researchers believe it is responsible for up to 90% of diseases.

Hypnotherapy is not just a treatment for stress but, in the right hands, it can change how you view life in general. Buy changing belief and expectation, it can change your life for the better.

When hypnotic trance is deep, the hypnotist will use post-hypnotic suggestions. These are powerful and effective and not just to help you to be calm and relaxed but to improve other aspects of your life. They enable you to cope with previously stressful situations in a different and stress free way. Post hypnotic suggestions can change how you approach a task. Instead of thinking that it is a tough problem and you may not be able to do it, your mind set will be that it can be done. All you need to do is find the best and efficient way to do it.

If you are looking for the best treatment for stress, instead of drugs, psychotherapy, CBT or counselling, give hypnotherapy a go. It is safe and efficient and the benefits are long term. It can change your views on life, your expectation and motivation. In time you may even be able to do it for yourself in the privacy of your own home.

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