Children Of The Revolution Part 2

Josh helped him steal some glass hypodermics from sick bay. Josh got mad at a Mr Haynes, for hitting Sean with his walking stick, and told him to fill the syringe with ink and squirt the teacher, from behind the desk-lid, while Mr Haynes, had his back to the class. He was caught on this occasion, and sent with the ‘Black Book’ to decide his fate at the Headmasters office. He had to wait outsider for 20minutes after handing the book to his secretary. The Headmaster invited him in.
He read his crimes out, and gave a punishment to fit them.

It was dated, and timed, with the words, in bold red ink “Six of the Best at break inside the main gym.” Sean handed the book back, to Mr Haynes, who waited with the rest of the class for the headmaster’s verdict. As he looked over his tortoise shell half rims
and a cruel smile crept across his face.

“Well, boy, it looks like this is your day of reckoning. I will speak to your parents of this matter and demand they take you in hand. Well let’s see your God get you out of this one. Go to the back of the class and get out of my sight.” Mr Haynes rubbed a hand up the length his walking stick and raised it into the air pointing to a chair.

“Go on, Mr Chubb will put something on your backside, Ajax won’t get off and good riddance to you.” The class giggled and jeered. Josh was so mad. He knew what had to be done. Josh turned his eyes black, and stepped inside Sean, when things got this bad. This time, he gave Sean a shopping list. A tin of Baking soda, and a can a bottle of Lucozade. Sean grabbed his satchel and skipped the next lesson, to get to the corner shop. Running back in time for his appointment.

AT 10.25 Sean made his way to the gym, where the Rugby coach would administer his studded boot with uncompromising force. He was being frog-marched down the corridors, by two prefects, who had to deliver him on time. Mr Chubb was waiting with the headmaster, who already had a ringside seat. He would be offered a milky coffee, with three sugars, by his P.A Miss Bendall as light refreshment. To witness the event and make sure that the punishment was delivered with appropriate severity and to his satisfaction.

Josh told him, to ‘fake a dump’. Sean, now speaking in a peculiar Floridian drawl, saw a W.C and stopped dead in his
tracks, and turning to the boy escorts, clutched his stomach.

“Hey, I gotta go. I’m gonna shit myself, if I don’t.” Sean cried, wincing and hopping on the spot.

One boy twisted Sean’s arm, and said. “We haven’t got time for powdering noses, Hastings, get a move on, we’re late!” The boys shoved him. Sean with Oscar winning style contorted his face and blurted.

“Too late… it’s filling my pants.” Grimacing, he squirmed and fidgeted.

The boys looked at each other with disgust, and with a silent nod, they bundled Sean through the toilet door, and waited outside. Shouting through the door, the taller one, hurled the comment.

“Get it sorted out, you dirty little bastard. You’ve got two minutes to cleanyourself up. Ughhh! .. that’s gross, that is.” The other boy laughed, and made a comment about Mr Chubb facing a bottom, brimming with squidgy pooh, and how
hilarious that would be.

Josh told Sean, to take the baking soda and put it in his mouth. Then gulp some Lucozade. Sean stepped out of the toilet, and the boys continued to straddle him in military fashion, briskly walking and turning, to enter the gym .

The taller boy knocked, and they all bowled in. Sean’s feet barely touching the ground.

“Right lads, leave him there, will you.” The head master glared and looked Sean up and down.

“Well, now, what have we here? It is alleged, Hastings, you assaulted Mr Haynes during lesson time, using a medical syringe, you stole from the Nurse station. Am I right?” The Head pointed to the floor wherehe wished Sean to stand.

Josh was in charge now. Sean could feel his mouth frothing.

Sean looked at his shoes, and said nothing. He just couldn’t. His mouth was about to explode, with the force of a fire extinguisher.

 The Head, Mr Coates, was not a patient man. He was an army veteran and fought in both wars. Discipline, was a must. His Father exacted it, when required with buckle and belt, and it never did him any harm. Apart from the time, he perforated an eardrum with a cricket bat, for wearing scuffed shoes.

Mr Coates, was a rotund ruddy cheeked man, with out of control eyebrows, and an
out of control view of violence.

“Cat got your tongue has it?” Coates snapped, and turned sharply to a stocky figure who framed up his shoulders. “Mr Chubb, if you would be so kind?” Motioning, with his hand, to the P.E instructor. P.E stood for physical education. Sean knew what kind, on this occasion. In terms of exercise which is good for you and discipline which is also good for you, whether you like it, or not? The burly, Welsh scrum half, stepped forward and yanked the boys trousers down, making him bend over a desk.

Lifting a muddy rugby boot high and before it could be thrashed at him, Sean, jerked uncontrollably, tore away from the grip of Chubb, and yelping, like a puppy outside a pub , fell to the floor, convulsed and spewing white foam from his mouth. Twitching and writhing. Gurgling, flailing, and rolling his eyes. He had already secretly, unscrewed the soft drink in his pocket, where it flooded to create a convincing wet patch on his flannel shorts, the size of dinner plate and looking for all the world like a dramatic episode of incontinence.

“He’s having a fit …loosen his tie.” Mr Chubb, was the school’s first aid officer. Another, irony. He switched easily from tyrant to medic, within a second. Busy and comfortable, with both roles, it seemed.

Josh, had done a good job, and saved the day. Sean was taken by ambulance, where he was given the best of care. Leaving, a bewildered Matron, scratching her head, and offering no explanation, when Sean’s parents picked him up later that day.
All symptoms ceased, as he hugged his Mother, and he furtively glanced at his father who looked ashamed and disappointed.
Sean, did not know, if the shame was empathy, or his father was denying him pity.

All that mattered was he was safe, until it all happened again, tomorrow.

As they drove off in the Ambulance, Josh, said to meet him in the graveyard later.



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