When You’re Having Difficulties In Writing

Need More Energy

Truly, creative writing is more than that. Its not only an expression of one’s thoughts or one’s self. All of us are acquainted with different styles of creative writing. Novels, short tales, poems, and anecdotes–all of them are just a few examples. However, how many novels have you read that…

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Teepee Tepee Tipi ~ By Perry Estelle

Well! It is beautiful. It is inspirational. It is mystical. It is enchanting. It is practical and simple in design. But what good is the full tipi experience to the students? How will a Tipi indulge students in a visionary way and make them think about their dreams and goals?…

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Dr Farquar comments on Climate Change

Dr F Climate Change Climate change my arse! This summer is what a proper winter should be? Do you remember 1963?  We actually loved going to school and playing snowballs on the way. No schools shut down in those days. Children have become molly coddled little shits. I was married…

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