Historical Non Fiction Books Are Fun To Read

Hardcover Books

History has a huge place in our lives. Things that happened yesterday affect today and so forth. Studying events that happened before can really help us understand our world. Historical non fiction books are a place to learn more about the world in which we live. Our world is complex and interesting. Read as much as you can about it.

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frogs that jump to conclusions by perry estelle

Frog farmers in the village of Bo Talo, Thailand, struggling with a glut in the local market, developed an export product for those who don’t require their frogs to be fresh: frog-in-a-can (which they hope will catch on as chicken and duck sales falter because of avian flu). [Agence France-Presse,…

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Government Plans To Give Child Benefit To Actual Kids by Perry Estelle (spoof news)

Government Plan to Give Child Benefit to Actual Children. By Perry Estelle Amidst a raging debate on the benefits of not having child benefits when you are too rich to give a toss either way, leaves a devastating effect on many families on high and low income. In the wake…

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