Can A Holiday Or Vacation Help You Avoid A Heart Attack?

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Can you remember when you last had a wonderful, relaxing vacation? If its been a while, you may want to consider taking another holiday sooner than later. Why? Because vacations and holidays are playing a more and more important role in peoples mental and physical health.

New research indicates that if people go on holidays every year they can reduce their lower their chances of developing a serious disease. Workplace stress and stress at home can effect a persons mental and physical health in many ways.

Whatever relaxing holidays you want to take, from vacations at all inclusive resorts or great beach vacations, to luxury cruises and cruise tours, you can dramatically lower your risk of developing heart disease and numerous other life threatening conditions. The catch is that you must to take at least one holiday every year. Just as the cumulative effect of not going on vacations can make you sick over time, conversely, the taking of a two or three week vacation each year can help you stay well.

It seems that the stress of our daily lives caused by many factors may be contributing to this phenomenon. As a result of this recent economic turn down, the workplace is probably the main factor.

One important reason its happening is that in this electronic age we are so tied to our jobs that we feel we are at work even when we are not even there. Were only a phone call, email, or text message away.

Many people have the feeling that theyre on a treadmill thats speeding up and they cant seem to get off. They may be working as hard as they can to try and be successful in their own business, or they could be constantly concerned about how long their job will be there for them in these recessionary times. Its the worry and uncertainty that can be all-consuming and can make people very ill over time.

This seems to account for tremendous stress, sleep problems, feeling depressed. and a host of other stress related medical conditions. Even not eating properly, or consuming too much coffee and alcohol can make any medical problems much worse.

Obviously, many people have cut back on, or eliminated vacations because of the cost of travel, even though the cost of many holidays has come down in the last few years.

However, a number of holidays can be less expensive than others. Here are a few great vacations that may not break the bank.

Perhaps the most relaxing holiday that you can take is a luxury cruise. It can also be the best value for your vacation money for a number of reasons.

First of all, you are basically living on a floating hotel resort. You will enjoy all of the benefits and amenities of hotels and resorts all rolled up into one neat, affordable, no hassle vacation. If you have never been on a cruise before, maybe now is the time that you should have this great experience.

Another neat benefit youre in control of the amount of activities you would like to participate in. Or, you can just relax in a comfy beach chair in the warm sun and have a refreshing swim in the pool next to your chair. You do not even have to get up to go and get another drink or some scrumptious appetizers as deck waiters are always there at your beckon call. What a great stress free vacation!

You dont even have to unpack and repack your travel luggage again and again as you sail to ports located in different cities or towns along the way. All you have to do is enjoy all the amenities on board.

The only other cost to look at is a cheap flight to the port of your dream cruise.

However, if you live within a couple of days of a cruise line port you can probably drive there and save a ton of money. Even if you have to stay overnight at a cheap motel half way to your cruise line port it probably would still be cheaper than air flights, especially for a couple or family.

Check the list below to determine if you live close enough to any of these following cruise line ports in the U.S.A.

Ports on the Gulf and East coasts of the U.S. are Baltimore, Maryland, Boston, MA, Cape Liberty in Bayonne, NJ, Charleston, SC, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Galveston and Houston, Jacksonville and , Miami, Florida, Mobile, and New Orleans, LA. New York City, Norfolk, VA, Philadelphia, PA, Port Canaveral, Port Everglades, and Tampa, Florida.

Ports on the western coast of the U.S.A. are Astoria, Oregon, Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Diego, San Francisco, California, Whittier, Alaska, and Seattle, Washington.

And in Hawaii, the ports of Maui and Honolulu

For Canadians there are only two major cruise ship ports. They are located in Montreal, Quebec, in the East, and in Vancouver, B.C., on the West coast.

All inclusive vacations at many wonderful resorts in places such as Mexico and the Caribbean are also among the best value for your holiday travel dollar. These vacations include your food and drinks.

Taking a relaxing two to three week holiday each year that you are working is the best prescription to help you maintain your good health.

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