Buying A Synthesizer – What You Need To Know

If you get excited about the idea of composing and playing your own music, perhaps a career in music is for you. Maybe you already have an instrument or two in mind, but whatever instrument you decide to pursue in your music career, you need to gather information about buying the instrument and learning how to play it.

Let’s use the synthesizer as an example. Before buying a synthesizer or learning how to play it, you will want to know what brands are out there, how much a synthesizer costs, what are its features, and what parts go into making up the instrument.

First of all, the synthesizer is one of the most expensive instruments that you can own. That said, you will want to weigh carefully the factors relating to learning, playing and composing on it.

First of all synthesizers come in analog and digital. We can’t say for sure which is better because it depends on your needs. For personal use, a good basic machine may be best. For studio use, you might want to look at digital or even a software synthesizer. Let your budget and your needs work together.

Synthesizers are expensive but you should not try to economize and go for low priced ones. Low end models may not meet your requirements. Also, the low cost ones may not last long or give you the kind of performance you desire. Very often cheap synthesizers do not have a good keyboard and may lack several other necessary functions. It would be wise to select a synthesizer that is moderately priced.

So it’s important to really listen to any synthesizer you’re thinking of buying. Select a store with a knowledgeable salesperson, or better yet bring an expert with you. The sound needs to be appropriate for the style of music you’re going to be playing. Compare and don’t just buy the first one that sounds good to you.

If you do decide to buy a used synthesizer, check it out carefully. You want to make sure that all of the keys work and that all of the notes have the same volume (no one note sounds louder or softer than the others). Unlike violins and guitars, synthesizers do not improve with age. You really want to check out every facet of it, including the internal batteries.

If you are a professional musician and composer you will find workstations more suitable for your requirements. These are basically synthesizers with polyphonic voices, a built in sequencer and include effect units and drum kits. It is like having an entire studio in one instrument and will be the best option for studio system.

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