Building Your Blog – Things You Will Need

business bloggingBuilding Your Blog – Things You Will Need

Since you need to be able to incorporate a number of different aspects, including how you want it to look, how it should run, and making clear it’s purpose, these are the must haves.

Make Your Contact Information Transparent

One of the most important things you can do when building your blog is to make sure that you make your contact information transparent to your readers. Contact information includes things like an email or link where customers can point you towards interesting and engaging content and perhaps even issues with the blog itself.

Make Sure You Create 4-5 Main Tabs

A blog is great for posting content that your consumers will be able to read and share, but remember that you can make it much more than just scrolling through article after article. Adding different sections and tabs for different interests can help a reader find niche content that applies to them because not everything will appeal to everyone.

Always Use Relevant Images

Images you use in your post should be relevant to the content. Though this may seem like something that comes later in a blog, the design (which we will talk about later) influences a lot of what readers will look at and read. Interesting and relevant images on your top posts will draw in readers.

Maske A Design congruent with your Values and Products

A blog’s design is quite possibly the most important piece when you are building your blog. It is everything when it comes to attractive prospective customers, especially if they have never seen your company or heard what you do. A design should speak to your products and what you value as an organization. For example, if a company produces backpacks for professionals, using a pink and red blog design may not necessarily be the best choice.

In this company’s case, using heavy blacks, browns, and more rigid text or even slightly cursive might help them create a more fitting blog. Think about what you want from your blog and what it says about your business. Fiverr has hundreds of sellers that can help you figure it out. Check out these WordPress Gigs.

Always Call your possible consumers to action

Remember that a blog for your small business is exactly what it says it is, an addition for your small business. Through your content on the blog, you should be able to reach your consumers in an interesting way. After all, that is the point of the blog, to be able to have an open conversation about what you are offering, in-depth ideas about your field, and information about your company.

By calling your consumers to action and getting them involved in the process, they are more likely to consider your products when they are in the market for it next time. Call to action means “Sign Up For Our Newsletter!”. If your content is engaging, consumers will have reason to respond to your calls to action.

Include A Social Media Account

When you are building your blog, think about how you can get the word out about it. Social media marketing will help attract more readers and will get more people to learn about your products. A social media profile such as a Twitter account can make your content more popular and will help spread it to others who may not necessarily follow your blog or know much about it. The whole idea is to lead people to your blog via the people they already know, interact with, and trust.

Remember To Build A Sitemap

A sitemap lists all of your pages and posts so that search engines can crawl and index them. This will help your content become more discoverable to people searching about a topic that you have posted content about.

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