Building A List Is Your Biggest Asset: Start Now


If you’ve ever wondered how some people earn a sizable income online seeming to do very little work then this I think is their secret. A list of email addresses.

The day everything changed for me was August 30th, 1996. That was the day I sent my very first email to my very first email list. Since then, I’ve built three different million-dollar incomes in three different markets, and it’s all because of one primary (and very SIMPLE) reason… In every one of those income streams, I’ve always focused on building a responsive email list first… before I did anything else.

That’s right – it was the absolute FIRST thing I did in each – before I even tried to actually offer anything. And that one single thing has made all the difference.

I know – it sounds too simple.

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But this one simple strategy that I figured out way back in 1996 has never failed me…

A License to Print Money

About 10 years ago I had someone ask me if I was saving for my kids college education. I actually laughed and said “no, I’m not… I’ve got an email list”…

Of course, that person didn’t have a clue what I was talking about, and they were probably pretty shocked that I wasn’t “doing the right thing” and dutifully putting money aside to pay for education for my children.

But by then I already knew the power of list building and having an email list… it’s basically a “money on demand” type of situation. In fact, it’s almost like having the ability to print your own money.

Of course, like everything, it’s never quite as easy or as simple as it appears from the outside. There’s always a little more work and a little more time involved.

But that doesn’t change the reality… if you have a list of email subscribers, and you have a warm relationship with them, then you have an incredible ASSET that can generate serious revenue pretty much any time you want.

So the big question on everyone’s mind is “how do I get a list?”

Well, there are lots of different ways to build lists, but here’s some hardcore PRINCIPLES that will always work.

1. Always, always, always focus on list building.

I know this might sound obvious, but it’s shocking how many people screw this up. And the reason is “instant gratification”… people want the quick fix.

You will often have the choice between making a quick buck today or building your list.

Most people go for the quick buck.

The smart ones go for the list build, because they know there will be a LOT MORE sales later on if they do their list building first.

Get the people on your list, nurture your relationship with them, and THEN try offer them stuff.

2. Have a good “bribe”…

Way back when I started building my first email list (it was for a newsletter about investing in the stock market), it was pretty easy to convince people to subscribe to your list.

Frankly, there weren’t many people publishing stuff by email back then, so it was a novelty. You could get people to sign up for almost anything.

Well, times have obviously changed.

Now you have to give people a good reason to join your list. You need a bribe. You need to give them something good if you want them to give you their email address.

Think about what CONTENT you could give them.

A great report about your niche. A video. A teleseminar. Some software. A survey, or a test.

Think about the people you’re publishing to… what do they want? What’s their number one burning problem or question?

Give them the answer to that problem or question in you content, and you’ve got your bribe.

Now I know all this might sound really simple… and maybe it is. But it keeps working for me every single time I try it.

Sometimes the most powerful things are the simplest.

And yes, there’s a lot more to it… and a lot more than I can possibly share in a single email.

But if you focus on list building first, and then building your relationship with that list… well, it’s really hard to go wrong.

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