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I had a slight favoritism over Braun travel alarm clocks throughout the years of moving around. After a while of using it, I need to look for this same alarm clock brand again for my travels so I finally ordered a couple after some through searching here and there. I love Braun travel alarm clock products but they are hard to find.

Finding a Braun travel alarm clock is hard that it causes me to think that it is already extinct. But it has recently resurfaced with some great models. Braun travel alarm clocks offer a stylish yet groundbreaking alarm clock and even with some difficulty in looking for them, not to mention the limitations with the choices when shopping, it has remained my favorite clock for the past few years.

These alarm clocks are designed with innovation and durability in mind. The clocks feature beautiful and sleek design with dial illumination. They also feature Precise Quartz Movement technology with scratch resistant mineral glass. Furthermore, these Braun clocks have built-in folding covers with crescendo alarm. It also has 8-minute snooze function.

To aid you while traveling, these models also present printed global zone on cover for fast calculation. It also has innovative details like the slight graying back of the numbers to make sure that the hour arms are easily readable. And with the small and compact design, you know it is the perfect size for your travels. The clocks likewise operate on a single battery.

Braun is popular for high quality reliable home electronics and kitchen appliances products for years. In the alarm clock category, it surely has gained one of the top spots as Braun’s name is now well recognized globally.

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