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The job of writing was romanticized in the past, and some best-selling authors enjoyed the kind of public admiration usually reserved for celebrities. The most critical aspect of being published today, however, involves more than literary talent or charisma. Effective book marketing makes the crucial difference between success and creative oblivion.

The digital age has dramatically changed traditional sales approaches. In the 21st century, anyone with enough motivation and a computer has the opportunity to self-publish. Realistically, making a profit on that work requires a practical promotion and sales strategy to be firmly in place, even before the first word has been written.

The most successful authors select a specific target audience before actually doing any work. Most aim for a new, different, or innovative approach in order to maintain a higher level of public interest. Published writers also know the importance of devising a realistic promotional budget, even if they already have an agent.

Traditional signing appearances help make unknown writers more visible, but are not the best sales generators. A well-designed website is more effective, and potentially reaches a far larger group. The site address should ideally be the same as the title, and any excerpts featured should be changed regularly for optimal search engine placement.

Blogs that feature reviews are also a practical way to gain exposure. Appearances on popular social media sites increases reader awareness, and can even create instant fame or notoriety under the right circumstances. Positive word-of-mouth remains the most effective form of advertising, and is far less costly than running print ads.

Writers should make themselves available for local radio or television interviews, and any other events where personal appearances increase sales. Some authors routinely give away their products to generate interest and reviews. Successful book marketing creates sales by employing traditional publicity practices in combination with the newer opportunities now available on line.

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