Bluetooth HDP and Android 4.0

Picture you are a medical professional and have a patient which has a heart problem.

The individual is presently at a friend’s house and is experiencing issues. Your Android cell phone alerts you of the potential problem. You open the alert and are able to see in real-time your patient’s heartrate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels and other vital statistics that will help you determine next steps. You decide that your patient is in distress and call for an ambulance with the touch of a button and call your patient. Your patient’s location can also be known due to the GPS inside their smartphone.

This example is rapidly becoming a reality with a recent advancement in technology: Bluetooth Health Data Profile (HDP). Bluetooth HDP is a new layer overlaid on the Bluetooth protocol stack that specifies a standard set of instructions for medical-related devices. The Bluetooth HDP hardware would safely and securely connect and send out data to a smartphone or other receivers. The info can then be transmitted to a primary health management software application utilized by the doctors, nurses, homecare providers, etc.

The reality is there are large numbers of medical gadgets that are currently Bluetooth enabled. But, until recently there’s not been a standard set of instructions to exchange data. This means that each device must have a unique proprietary application to communicate with. Bluetooth HDP devices will be able to communicate with applications designed to support the new standard. One significant benefit to consumers is the power to get a heart monitor from one vendor and a blood oxygen meter from yet another. Each of these devices are able to communicate with your medical service providers preferred health management system. This is excellent for the customer because it gives us options and doesn’t lock us into a single vendor’s system. We will be able to pick the best of breed hardware and software as well as purchase at competitive prices.

Why do we need a standard ? What if the web did not use a standardized set of protocols and technology to present webpages? This would mean you will need a specific browser to view each website. One web browser, like Firefox, may or may not work with that one website. Because of these standards you can use a single browser to surf the web.

Medical device suppliers and health management software designers will be the largest consumers of this modern technology. Given that we have a growing aging population, healthcare companies need to determine better techniques to provide high quality care to their customers and scale with the increasing number of cases. However, there are others that can also take advantage of this technology. For example, aerobic equipment producers might use Bluetooth HDP to collect data from a heart monitor worn by the individual and convey it to the home treadmill they are running on. The speed of the cardio equipment could be increased or diminished based upon on data received from the heart monitor and according to the workout type. The heart monitor may be used on any cardio equipment at any other gym as long as it is a Bluetooth HDP enabled piece of equipment.

An example of a device that supports Bluetooth HDP is the HUAWEI MediaPad. However, review a few Android Tablet Reviews, and information on other devices to select the right solution for you.

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