Blogging your way to the bank and the beach

Blogging your way to the bank and the beach.

There are many ways to make money online, some are stable and some are not so stable. Trends come and go, what was workable or popular one week is out of date the next. Google can be your friend one day and the next you wake up to find they have moved out and taken everything and not even left you with a kettle with which to make your morning coffee.

So with all these uncertain changes that are happening on a weekly, no, daily basis what can you do to constantly make money online?

Well the best method would seem to be a mix of two very popular online businesses, email marketing and blogging. I would go one step further and quote Glen Allsopp of and say that the email marketing I refer to is more email blogging rather than the normal methods of sending out a ‘Buy my crap, and buy my mates crap…’ style of emails you normally get these days.

The guys at ViperChill believe an email should be crammed with quality useable content; they have a saying which I love… ‘Make ‘em long and make ‘em strong.’

A blog when set out as a business will grow and over time create several income streams that can and will allow you to leave the day job and focus on your blog/email business from anywhere in the world. Blogging is easy and hard at the same time; anyone can set up a blog and start writing and adding content to a box standard WordPress blog.

It is when you get more into it and ironically understand it all better when it seems to get harder. There is more to do and more to understand, but when done properly over time the payoff is far greater than you could get from any normal day job.

You create your blog around a topic or subject that you love (it is far easier to build a blog and business around a subject you know and love). Add fresh new unique news and content to the blog on a weekly regular basis while joining online groups and forums to spread the word about your new blog.

Create a simple social media network and build up fans and followers with the plan to direct as many of these people back to your site as much as possible. Create a fantastic newsletter and maybe a free ebook/video that you can give away to get visitors on your email list. Add email opt in forms where people add their email details to get access to your newsletter and freebies.

Create great posts for your site then create some unpublished posts full of extra news, tips and advice which you send only to those who have joined your email list. Make your email list feel special like they are in a member’s only club.

Use popular traffic generation methods to get more people to your site, once your site starts to become popular and your email list is swelling with subscribers you can start to do one or more of the following.

  • Promote other peoples quality products where you get paid an affiliate commission.
  • Create your own products to sell.
  • Sell advertising space on your blog.
  • Generate Google Adsense revenue
  • Create a job board and charge for a job placement
  • Sell your services as consultant or freelance writer/blog builder

There are many things you can do once you have got your blog up and running, Pat Flynn regularly makes around $40,000 a month from his blogs and services. If running a blog full time, sounds hard work you could do what ‘The Blog Tyrant’ did and sell them after you have built them up. Here is one of his posts detailing what he did when he sold a blog for $20,000 after only 8 months work while studying at University.

How I Sold a Blog for $20,000 in 8 Months

Like all businesses, the way to succeed is have a plan, do what works and stick with it. Blogging and email blogging can be time consuming, but then again it can be time freeing, when you are earning enough to leave the day job and travel the world (if that is what you want to do) replying to comments and emails while sitting in the sun in Thailand is not hard work.

Especially when you consider the fact that had you not created the successful blog you would probably be still lumping large lumps of wood around in the workshop or stood smiling sweetly to the customer in the department store who is trying to bring back an item of clothing you know they had damaged but say they didn’t and is getting irate about it all. (The customer is not always right)

So what is it going to be? give up a few hours a night that is probably spent watching rubbish on TV and start to build up something life changing?

Andi the Minion is the writer for Tims Minions and specialises in small home business ideas, social media, WordPress, blogging, traffic generation and general how to make money online methods.

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