Birds of the Aberdare Ranges

Birds of the Aberdare Ranges

Vegetation is a great influencing factor in the occurrence of bird-life. The Aberdare ranges spot a myriad of treetops in forestland, moutane grassland and moorland. The Ranges host an amazing number of bird-life types. Some 250 species to be exact.

Forest birding is a difficult occupation and sighting requires much patience.

Some of the bird-life occurring in the Aberdares is Hautlaubs Turaco (Lourie) which has a bluish-black crown and flits from tree-top to tree-top. Then there is the Augur buzzard, Egyptian Geese and Crowned hornbills, just to name a few.

There are at least two types of weaverbirds in this region. Speke’s Weaver (Ploceus spekei ) which is resplendent in bright yellow and black throughout the year. It does not experience seasonal plumage change. This gregarious bird lives in large nesting colonies. The Baglaflecht Weaver ( Ploceus bagaflecht ) occurs at 3000m (910′) above sea level. The male is distinctively marked with black face patches and a yellow crown. The female has similar markings, but her head is black instead of yellow.

The rolling moorlands see the occurrence of Jackson’s Francolin, which is renowned for being extremely noisy, sparrow hawks and the African Goshawk, among others.

The spectacular Crowned Eagle makes for a bird watchers dessert. It occurs in the forestland abundant with colobus [arboreal monkey] on which it avidly feasts.

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