When Is The Best Time To Email?

Magic EmailsWhen Is The Best Time To Email?


Here, we are often asked when the optimum time is to send that email, or that piece of printed mail so it gets the best response and for maximum impact – or to put it another way … to get the greatest number of sales and make the most money ?

Well … the answer, I’m afraid, is not a short one.

Nor would it be the same answer I would have given you 10 or 15 years ago. You see, since the advent of the internet and massive increase of the use of mobile technology, the way we receive information has changed massively.

Conventional wisdom used to be that you communicated with people on a weekend when they had time to ‘deal’ with it, and that used to be absolutely correct – but the recent blurring of lines where work stops and home life begins can mean that it is often not the case at all.

What we have now is a world where (rightly or wrongly) people will ‘live chat’ with their family members at their desk whilst also doing work, respond to texts from spouses or do their online shopping during their lunch break, sat at their desks using their work computer.

Also (again, rightly or wrongly) they will also do work ‘stuff’ out of hours like answer work emails while they are on Facebook in the evenings.

The upshot of all of this is that in the last few years people tend to ‘ring fence’ their weekend and keep that for messing about with the kids, hobbies and not look at things nearly as much as they would during the week.

So, if the weekend isn’t the prime time it used to be – when is ?

The answer then is to not be predictable in any of your communication, be it email or anything else. If you communicate with the same people at the same time every week, it is only human nature for them to get ‘used’ to the routine, and over time, attach less importance to it … regardless of how important it actually is.

Better then, to vary when you speak to people, so that your subscribers do not subconsciously pre-judge the importance of what you have to say, so you can get your message across to achieve the best possible response.

In a nutshell then – there isn’t really a carved in stone time to communicate, but instead introduce a level of variation so that makes your email or letter a subject of some interest rather than part of a repetitive routine…


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