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Speed reading can be very impressive to both family and friends. Not only that, it can help you save loads of time, and it also helps you retain information better if you do it correctly. It can be extremely helpful especially for full time students.

A speed reader that is properly trained, would be able to grab a big stack of papers and utilize their skill by skimming through the most important words that are contained on that page. They will be gathering all the information they need about that page at lightning speed.

Speed reading is linked to increasing the rate at which you understand what you’re reading. The key to successful speed reading is increasing your understanding of the text as you increase the rate at which you read the words.

It will be no easy task to master speed reading. You will have to invest hours of practice, the more the better, it will for sure be challenging. But once you have it down good, it is an ability that you will have with you forever.

Think of speed reading like this. When you first started to read, or learned how to read you had to get to know the letters and recognize them first. Once you had the alphabet down, you had to learn how to put those letters together to form the word, before you know it those words just popped up and you understood them immediately. Speed reading is taking it a step further.

You will be putting in lots of practice analyzing common words and common sentence structure. The more you focus on this the more your brain gets used to seeing these things. That is the difference between reading from left to right, or looking at a large block of text and understanding it.

When you are in the process of learning to speed read, you will have to get out of bad habits such as pronouncing words while you are reading. If you do not do that as of now, you are that much closer to mastering speed reading.

If you are used to moving your lips, or speaking or whispering while you read, you’re slowing yourself down dramatically. Your lips can only move so fast. You should be able to read at least two or three times faster than you can speak. In effect, you’re keeping yourself at that word-by-word stage that children generally grow out of in elementary school.

If you practice speed reading techniques daily, you are sure to improve how fast you can read and comprehend paragraphs and pages. So if you are a student, or just someone that spends countless hours reading, you can definitely benefit from speed reading.

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